Friday, July 26, 2013

Christmas in July #5 - Vintage Spoon Ornament

Final day of Christmas in July...

I thought I'd finish with an ornament idea using recycled, vintage spoons!  I'm using an old serving spoon I found at a garage sale but of course you could use any old spoon you've got laying around.  I left the spoon tarnished and worn because I love the distressed vintage feel.  If you'd prefer, you can polish it up to a nice shiny finish.

Next I got out a few frustrations by hammering the bowl of the spoon flat.
It's so much fun ~ I'm thinkin' of making these for family and friends - LOL!!

Then I bent the handle around towards the back. 
This will become the hanger for the spoon ornament.

Just another angle so you can see what it looks like at this point.

I printed off a vintage image (Altered Pages - Holiday Postcards 1155)
to the rough size of my flattened spoon.
I sealed the image with a thin layer of Micro Glaze to make the ink waterproof and permanent.

I trimmed away the background and glued it to the spoon using my favorite collage glue.

Once it was dry, I sanded away the excess paper,
inked the edge with Sepia ink
and covered it with a layer of Crystal Lacquer.

I then covered much of the CL with Rock Candy Glitter and let it dry.

To finish off the spoon I added a few little extras....

Just think of all the fun collage images you could use for these ornaments!!
I'm thinkin this might be perfect for wooden spoons as well but of course you couldn't bend the handles - LOL!!


  1. I will be on the hunt for spoons now...I love that idea!!!! I would like to use it on my tree too...

  2. When I was growing up, that was the silverware pattern we used - it really brings back memories! I like how you flattened it before decorating it. Fun project for Christmas!

    Crafty Journal

  3. Love your ornaments. Somethings I will have to try - again. thanks as always for sharing.

  4. Being a big fan of altered cutlery I really appreciate what you've created here!
    Smart thinking about Christmas in July too...altho Xmas still always seems to sneak up on me ;)

  5. Very pretty! I've done some of these kind of spoon ornaments myself but I didn't hammer the spoon part flat. Never thought of that. I also painted images on them like birds (cardinals & chickadees) and scenes with barns or churches. They are so much fun to create aren't they? :-)


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