Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July #4 - Steampunk Christmas Tree Card

Lots of people keep asking for Steampunk themed projects
so today I thought I'd toss out a Steampunk Christmas Card...

I started off by making a template out of some scrap paper.
I drew my basic shape
(which will work for any holiday or theme)

And cut it out....

I held the template over my cardstock for approximate placement.
I actually cut my cardstock a bit larger than necessary so I would have room to trim off for minor adjustments.

Then I began inking up the tree.
I went a little darker on the edges and lighter in the center.

I stared off with Peeled Paint then used a touch of Forest Moss along the edges.

Still holding the template in place I stamped gears in the template opening
with more Forest Moss.

I added a touch of Sepia ink for the base of the Christmas Tree...

Then I went ahead and added some details...
a bit of Burgundy Stickles at the center of each gear,
a few outlines and highlights with a white gel pen,
and finally I added a gear to the top of the tree.

I finished off the card with a bit of washi tape
and a little gold star in the center of the tree topper gear.

And there you go...
a very Steampunk Christmas!


  1. OMG I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! And, I'm an Ink Stained Roni, too! :) I was checking out your site and also came across your "Veronica Lake" in the Bomb Shell project and have to share that I was named for just this special lady!!! How cool is that? So good to "meet" you. Happy Inking!!!

  2. So fantastic, Roni. What a great idea. so inspiering. Thank you


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