Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tsukineko - StazOn, GlazOn, Sheet Metal & MORE!!!

Recently I have been blessed with an opportunity to share a large variety of inking products with you from Tsukineko and Imagine Crafts!

I'm sure most of you have known or heard about Tsukineko for quite some time...they are the manufactures of some favorite lines of ink such as StazOn, VersaMagic, VersaMark, Brilliance (one of my favs!!!), Kaleidacolor Ink Pads and more. 

But did you know they also made Fantastix, Fireworks Craft Ink Sprays, Shimmers Sprays, Goosebumps, Memento LUXE Inks (a new mixed media ink), GlazOn, and so much more??

Well, in the coming weeks I will be sharing various projects created with these products and more! 
I hope you'll enjoy them and find the information useful in your own art!

Today I wanted to start off by sharing a fun product called GlazOn paired with a variety of StazOn inks, StazOn Opaque inks and a SheetMetal ATC blank.  GlazOn is a quick drying glossy medium that is applied between multiple layers of StazOn inks.  This medium will help keep your colors clear and prevent mixing of multiple colors making mud!  I also find it amazing how the glossy medium really makes each color pop.  You'll see what I mean when we're finished. 

Tsukineko "Dream"
SheetMetal ATC


SheetMetal ATC Blank - Tsukineko
Opaque StazOn Inks - Soft Lilac, Mellow Mint, Butter Cream, Blush Pink, Ivory Black - Tsukineko
StazOn Ink - Forest Green, Blazing Red, Azure, Saddle Brown - Tsukineko
GlazOn - Tsukineko
Ink Blushers, Brushstix, Mini Squeegee, StazOn Stamp Cleaner - Tsukineko
Flower, Butterfly, Flourish Stamps - StampersBest
Sentiment - Just For Fun Rubber Stamps

Before I get to the project I wanted to talk a bit about the Opaque StazOn Inks.  This is a very quick drying ink and will eventually dry out in the pad which is why the pads come un-inked with a large reinker.

Staz-On n Glazon 001

To ink you simply squirt out a bit of the ink on the pad and either use the tip of the reinker to spread the ink around or use one of the mini squeegees to spread the ink across the pad.   I didn't worry about going all the way to the edge because I usually pounce my stamp several times across the pad to ink it up.  

Staz-On n Glazon 002

After you've applied the ink, let the pad set for about a minute or two for the ink to absorb into the pad. 

Staz-On n Glazon 003

My foundation for this ATC is a SheetMetal Blank.  It's a thin sheet of metal which can be embossed in a die-cut machine and also comes in smaller square or round charm size bits.

Staz-On n Glazon 004


1.  Apply a layer of Lilac Opaque ink over the entire surface of the atc.  To do so, I used an InkBlusher  for this and the next step. 

Staz-On n Glazon 005

After you have covered the entire ATC, let the ink dry completely.  This ink takes a little bit longer to dry than the regular colors of StazOn.

Staz-On n Glazon 006

2. After this layer of ink has dried, apply a thin layer of GlazOn.  (sorry, I was so into this I totally forgot to take a photo of this step!)

3. Next I sponged on a bit of the Butter Yellow Opaque StazOn to the center of the ATC and let it dry.

Staz-On n Glazon 007

4.  Apply a layer of GlazOn over this coat of ink. (Hah!  Remembered this time ;)  lol!!)

Staz-On n Glazon 008

You can see how glossy it is.  Really makes the colors pop in person.

5.  Then I began the stamping.  I started off by stamping the flourish stamp with Mellow Mint...added a layer of GlazOn

Staz-On n Glazon 009.

7.  Stamped additional flourishes using Forrest Green StazOn ink and added a layer of GlazOn medium.

8. Stamped flowers using Blazing Red StazOn ink, added a layer of GlazOn medium.

9. Next I added a bit of Blush Pink Opaque StazOn ink to the flower petals using a Brushstix tool. 

Staz-On n Glazon 011

Since the inks wouldn't overlap I also stamped a butterfly image using Azure StazOn and the sentiment DREAM using Opaque Ivory Black.  I then applied a layer of the GlazOn medium.

10.  Finally I added a bit of Saddle Brown StazOn ink around the outer edges of the ATC and a final layer of the GlazOn to protect the finished project.

Staz-On n Glazon 013

I told you the colors really pop!
I'm amazed at how bright and beautiful they stay even under all those layers of ink & medium.
Now, I know this sounds like it's a long drawn out process but actually it's very quick and easy.  The layer of GlazOn is so thin that it dries within 20-40 seconds (I'm sure dry time varies depending on temps & humidity) and if you've ever worked with StazOn inks you know how quickly those dry as well.  I think this entire ATC took less time to make than it did to choose the stamps I wanted to use - LOL!!! 
Seriously, it only took about 10 minutes once I got everything around, the pads inked and my design decided upon.  Not bad at all when you consider all of the steps I've gone through.
I'm thinking of turning it over and stamping a second design on that side along with my name to use as an ATC name tag to wear when I teach, go to conventions or craft shows. 
This metal is thin enough to make punching a hole in the top a breeze.
So, there you go...
not sure if it enlightened anyone or not
but I hope you enjoyed it all the same!
Have a super day friends!
It's time to go get inky!!


  1. Great ATC - love all the colours. Never heard ofGlazon but might have to give it a try!!

  2. I have seen glaze on in the stores but had no idea what to use it for until now! Can't wait to see what you do with the goosebumps, I just purchased some so will be ready to play!

  3. This is just lovely now I have more added to my wish list :) hugs Nikki

  4. Fantastic ATC and wonderful tutorial. Thanks Roni

  5. Wow...the colors really do pop! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow! That is so gorgeous. I love how much depth there is. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I didn't even know that StazOn is making opaque inks now (except for the white) this was really informative on so many levels! Your tutorials are always so easy to follow!

  8. Roni,
    Reading your tutorial, I felt as though I was reading one of those page turning novels where you find that you can't wait to get to the next page, or in this case, the next step.
    As always, a wonderful tutorial along with your signature creative application! I can so see this process giving new life to all of those cookie tins that we have hoarded "for just the right project"!
    Roni, you never cease to amaze me and always find just the right time to provide some much needed source of inspiration!
    Much Love,
    Kathy Jones

  9. Beautiful atc- love the tin! The colors are super and you have introduced me to new products!

  10. Well yea...enlightened, amazed and thinking ..hhmmm! That's the whole point of blogging , is to get someone can I or I can do that! Love the ATC! Off to see what inks I have! :)

  11. This is so beautiful!!! It would be so much fun to create something like this. Thanks for another rousing tutorial from my favorite crafter of all!!!

  12. The colors are incredible!
    So, does the GlazOn act as a sealer between each layer? How much does it add as far as thickness?

  13. Would definitely give GlazOn a go. The colours certainly pop on the metal - great result.

  14. Thanks for sharing. It is great to see these new products and how they work.

  15. So looking forward to your techniques using the Tsukineko products -- will you also be using the Delicata golden glitz inkpad? (would love to know if there is much difference between it and the Brilliance gold). Also, could Glossy accents (or similar product) be used the same way as GlazOn? Thanks

  16. I love this. Thanks for showing us how it's done.


  17. Very cool! I've never used the Glaz-on, but I have used the opaque inks. Nice!

  18. Love Glaz On but didn't really understand how to use it, you sure did a nice tutorial, thanks for the inspiration!


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