Monday, April 29, 2013

Tie Dye Fabric Flowers

Since lots of people have been playing with their new Distress Acrylic Dabbers I thought it would be fun to share a nifty technique for creating your very own tie-dyed flowers without having to mess with rubber bands ;)


Acrylic Dabber
Fabric Flower
Water (in a spritzer)
Heat Tool (optional)


1.  Prepare your flower for painting.  Now I say this because I know many of you may purchase packages of individual flower sections.  I like to purchase floral branches of white flowers and use those instead.  You can pluck all the flower heads off the branch and disassemble the flower so you're left with many flowers for pennies a piece. 

2.  Lightly dab the desired colors of paint on the flower.  I like to use 2-3 colors at a time but you could use one just as well.

Dabber Flowers 001

3. After you have your flower painted like you want, it's time to saturate them with water.  You want enough water to really dilute the paint and make it spread over the entire flower.

Dabber Flowers 002

4. Now you just have to let your flower dry...or you're impatient like me you can speed up the dry time and use your heat tool ;)

And here's how mine turned out....

Dabber Flowers 003

Sooo much fun and the color possibilities are endless!


  1. What a fun and easy technique; they're so pretty! Thanks for sharing another great idea, Roni. :D

  2. I love this! I often dye my flowers but never thought about using paint- so doing this! Thank you!

  3. They are so pretty.I too have always bought a branch of flowers and torn them apart, but i have never painted them. I will definitly be trying this.Thank you.

  4. Oh that is pretty - I must try it out.

  5. Those look really pretty when finished :)

  6. These are gorgeous Roni. Such a good idea to buy white and then colour is to match the project

  7. Wow, so simple...and what a great result! I remember that you always said to buy white flowers so you can customize them and now I see why! Will have to try this for sure

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