Friday, April 5, 2013

Playing with Metallic Gelatos

Today I wanted to get you excited about Metallic Gelatos!

I hope that Farber-Castell decides to make more colors in their Metallic line of Gelatos because they are loads of fun!

At this time there are 6 metallic - Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Purple and a Salmon/Pink color.  I sometimes like to use my white Gelato paired with the metallic as well just for a bit of contrast.

I started off by scribbling a few colors onto a black tag -

Metallic Gelatos 011

then blended it with a water brush.  You get this amazing beautiful shimmer....

Metallic Gelatos 012

You could of course use the tag as it is by stamping and embossing in black or layering on your desired details from here but I chose to run it through an embossing folder for an added layer of fun.

Metallic Gelatos 013

Here is what it looks like at this point.

Metallic Gelatos 014

To further enhance the gelatos and create some contrast I sanded the tops of the embossed areas.

Metallic Gelatos 017

You can see on the right side of the tag the gears are much more prominent while the unsanded side (left) the gears are more muted.

Metallic Gelatos 015

Wrinkled Gelatos

The next technique creates a beautiful distressed weathered look.  Start off by soaking both sides of the cardstock/tag with water.  Carefully crumble the tag 2 or three times.  This creates lots of great texture on the paper.

Metallic Gelatos 018

Next, scribble on desired metallic gelatos ~

Metallic Gelatos 019

Rub the gelatos in with your finger covering as much or as little of the tag as you like.  Let the tag dry naturally or speed drying using the heat tool.

Metallic Gelatos 020

When you're tag has dried you'll see the beautiful textures that emerge.... all of the wrinkles, bumps,  nooks and crannies are highlighted.  Simply amazing!

Metallic Gelatos 021

Another angle shows a bit of the color from the gelatos.

Metallic Gelatos 022

Highlighted Embossing

Finally I wanted to show you how cool it is to add metallic Gelatos over dry embossed designs....

I started off by embossing my black tags with a cuttlebug steampunk die. 

Metallic Gelatos 001
I then applied silver, gold and a touch of white gelatos to the tops of the embossed design...
Metallic Gelatos 002
I blended it in with my fingertip...
Metallic Gelatos 003
And here are the results!
Metallic Gelatos 004
I wanted to show you the same basic idea using the colored metallic gelatos....  I colored the tag with a little from each of the metallic colors...
Metallic Gelatos 006
Rubbed them in and here is what it looks like....
Metallic Gelatos 007
Metallic Gelatos 008
And here they are side by side....
Metallic Gelatos 010
Fun stuff huh?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I WANT !!! I love the effect you got with those gellato thingies. Hadn't heard of them before, but I am smitten. Now where do I find those in the UK, sigh.

  2. These look great! Another thing for the wish list, we are all such a bunch of enablers! Thanks for all you share Roni!

  3. Thank you for this. New ways to use my Gelatos. The tag ends up looking like real metal in each example!

  4. I really haven't used my Gelatos but yes you have inspired me to go and do it!!

  5. Love the effect. Now I have to try this too! thanks as always for sharing.

  6. I played with my metallic Gelatos today, too! They are fun.

  7. I just purchased that set at Books-A-Million for ONE DOLLAR!!..They are awesome. I almost didn't buy them, then though, geesh, it's a dollar, get it. GLAD I did. They are called gels sticks though, not gelatos. Who cares what they call them as long as they are such a deal.

  8. Love love love the gelatos! I too hope they release more metallics!

  9. Cool. Thanks for showing different ways to use them.

  10. Love the look of the Gelatos on black- and love the tags with the rubbed in look!

  11. Love what you have done here! I have all the Gelatos, however, I must go hunt that Steampunk embossing folder. Have never used them on black. . . that is definitely the way to go.


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