Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's your favorite Challenge Blog(s)?

I have been going through updating a few things on my blog lately.  I was going through all of my old favorite Challenge blogs I had listed when I realized most had closed.  I don't have much time for them anymore but they are fun to check out if you're stumped or during those long winter months.
So, my list is down to 2 lonely Challenge you know of a fun challenge blog that you think should be on my list?
Please feel free to tell us all about it and post a link.
I'll add them as I have time to check each one out :)


  1. It must be that urge to clean "house" as the season changes. I have a whole page of links that I was thinking I need to check out..will get to it now!

  2. I love this challenge blog
    they are very edgy and sometimes dark...not always they do like silly stuff to. but they are one of my faves!

  3. I'm on the DT at anything but a card! Would probably be right up your alley After all, we do all types of projects, just not cards!

  4. My favourite challenge is a fortnightly one over at It is a tag making challenge and I find it's a great size to play with techniques, stamps and inks. I think I have been doing these for about a year now. Love it.

  5. For those ribbon lovers May Arts offers a monthly challenge with a specific topic. The first 25 who apply with a brief concept of how they will incorporate the month's 4designated ribbons will receive a sampling of the ribbons to create their project. Check out the blog at the beginning of each month to hear the details of the monthly challenge.
    to learn the details.


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