Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer's Last Hurrah

I've really got the Autumn/Halloween bug right now but I thought before it was gone for good it might be fun to make one last project celebrating summer....the beach in particular.  I've had this collage on my "list of things to make" for a while now and I figured I better get it done before we're having a Summer in December sort of thing going on ;)

so here goes....

Lingering Memories of the Sea


Artists Spackle
Game Board
Dye Mists
Faux Mini Pearl Strand
Shells, Sea Glass, Sand, Etc.
Mini Bottle
Photos or Collage Images
Sea/Ocean Ephemera (map, travel brochures, match book, etc.)
Picture Hanger (I have a canvas one with a hole in it that just sticks to the back)
Sand Paper


1. Then first thing you're going to need to do is to cut your gameboard down to the desired size.  My board is 7x9"...You can make yours larger or smaller as needed.

beach canvas 001
2. Now you need to sand any rough edges using the sand paper. 

3.  It's time to start applying the Artist Spackle.  Since I'm going to be using quite a bit I glop it on to begin with and spread it around as needed.  This particular spackle is sticky so I like to wet it down with a few spritzes of water.  I think it's more manageable that way. 

beach canvas 002
4. After the board has been covered it's time to add the strand of pearls.  You simply lay it down where desired and press it into the spackle.  Don't worry if it's perfect at this point.   I like to add little loops here and there for a bit of interest.

beach canvas 003
5. After you've got the beads pressed into the spackle it's time to take a paint brush back over the area and brush a bit more spackle over the pearls.  I do this for 2 reasons ~ one it helps ensure that the beads are secure and won't pop off at some later date and two I want a hint of the strand of pearls, I don't necessarily want to actually see them.

You can add additional spackle to the board if needed.

beach canvas 004
6. Now that we've got the pearls taken care of it's time to add some treasures from the sea! You can use shells, bits of sea glass, claws from crabs, small pieces of drift wood, etc. Whatever treasures you can find. Simply press them into the spackle where desired.

At this point I decided I wanted a thicker layer of spackle in the lower left and upper right hand corners so I scrapped a nice oval in the center of the board where my photos will go and built up these two areas.  If you want an even layer of spackle then just go ahead and add more spackle where you'd like to add your shells and such.

beach canvas 005

7. Take the paint brush and go back in and add additional spackle if needed and paint over all of your sea goodness...  just like the pearls, we don't need to see the piece in full color, we're just going for the texture and design of it.  (color comes later).

beach canvas 006
By this time your board is going to be very heavy with wet spackle.  You are going to have to let the spackle dry several hours if not overnight before we can move on.  This is a good spot to pick it back up tomorrow.
P.s...  Please be sure your board is drying somewhere safe...away from wandering kitty feet!!  Don't ask me how I know ;)  LOL!!!
Till then ~ enjoy the day!

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