Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer's Last Hurrah Collage Part II

Time to finish up the beach collage!

Lingering Memories of the Sea
Part II

If you recall, yesterday we left the spackle to dry overnight...

beach canvas 006

8. Now it's time to add a bit of color and sparkle to the collage.  I am going to use a combo of 3 different mica mists...

memeories by the sea 6

The first is a Sea Glass color inside the pearl strand...

memroies by the sea 5

Next I'm going to add a sandy color along the bottom...

memories by the sea 4

And finally a darker blue around the upper edges.

memories by the sea 3

You'll need to let these mists dry for a bit.  You can speed drying by using a heat tool to speed up the process.

9. While the mists are drying you can work on your collage.  You can see here I used a combination of photos, a map piece, a vintage travel poster image and a tiny bottle filled with sand...(actually gathered from Long Branch NJ which is shown on the bit of map!) 

I also added a sentiment and a pearl in the sea shell.

Memories of the Sea 001
And here is the finished collage...

Memories of the Sea 002
Memories of the Sea 003
Such fun!
Good Bye Summer....
Hello Autumn!!!!


  1. Love the way this turned out! The timing couldn't have been better, too. I'm in the process of redecorating my family room in a coastal style and have been looking for decor ideas. Thanks, Roni!

  2. Fantastic piece! I love all the elements and the result.


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