Monday, September 24, 2012

Quickie Give-A-Way Winners!!

With help from
the winners of the mystery goodies are.....

I love how you show us tips and tricks with items we would never think of using....keep up the good work!

Hey Roni!! I've loved everything you've done in the last 4+ years since I found your blog and I stop by almost every day. IF I miss...I catch up right away! I've learned so very much from Thanks for being You!

Carol aka: calamityjane

Lisa Howell
Lisa Howellsaid...
Roni, you are an inspiration and an "enabler" LOL, thanks for being you!


  1. What a surprise!! Thank you so very much!!!

  2. I can't believe my luck! Getting a goodie bag from you is like an early Christmas never know what might be in the package! That's the fun of it!! Thanks Roni!!


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