Friday, September 28, 2012

Ink Stains is Turning 5!!!

I can hardly believe it but on November 27th
Ink Stains will be turning 5!!!

When I started Ink Stains, I never dreamed it would turn into what it has today. 
I only knew that I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for art with others. 
I believe I have done that
I hope you all have had as much fun as I have!

To celebrate this special occasion on November 27th
I am going to host my very first
Blog Hop/On-line Art Festival! 

Some people have asked me what is an on-line art festival??  Well, folks don't have blogs but would still like to join in the fun of sharing their art.  So, in addition to the linked blogs you would normally see on a traditional Blog Hop I will also be sharing photos of creations by blog-less artists here on Ink Stains at the same time!  That way nobody will be left out.  Hence the Art Festival!

What is the blog hop/art festival focus going to be?????

Well, I decided that it would be fun if I got lots and lots of people to alter Altoids Mint Tins (or any similar small tins of any shape)!!!  I have already invited many Ink Stained friends to share their art with you but I thought it would be fun to open the hop/festival up to everyone!!! 

The hop/art festival will be held November 27th which should give you plenty of time to come up with an idea, find a tin and then let your creative muse do his/her thing!   
When time gets closer I will post a "Link" tool for those of you with blogs.  All you have to do is copy & paste it at the bottom of your post sharing your tin.  The "Link" tool will do the rest (it shows everyone participating in the hop on the bottom of your post). 
 For those without blogs, simple e-mail me photos anytime between now and November 26th.  I will then add them all to the Anniversary post on the 27th along with the blog hop links for all to see, love & appreciate!
Altoids Tin Give-A-Way!!
Now, to help kick it off and get you in the mood I have 6 tins sitting here filled with assorted goodies that I am ready to send out to 6 lucky readers!

All I ask is that you alter the tin in some way and share either a post on your blog or send me photos to add to the Art Festival.
If you'd like a shot at winning one of these tins simply post a comment and some way to contact you if you win. 
 I will draw the winners next Saturday - October 6th!
Good Luck Everyone!!
Hope to see you and your art there!!
Below are a few of the tins I've altered in the past to spark your creativity and get you in the altering mood!
25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts & Ornaments - Pebble Magnet & Tin 007

JFF CC - 14 004
stuff 007
Valentine Tin 010
new years tin ii 010


  1. I'm looking forward to the hop! Your tins are fab!

  2. Oh oh oh what an exciting hop!! I've always wanted to alter an altoid tin!! I tried once and it was an epic fail!! Hopefully time to try again!

  3. Yay! Congrats on 5 years!! Quite a milestone!! I would love to try altering a tin and I'm really excited that you are letting us "non-bloggers" play too! Off to find a tin.......

  4. love altering tins, this will be fun.

  5. I would love to alter a tin. And of course I would share what I made! You may contact me by leaving a comment on my blog. I will get back to you because I rarely check my e-mail.

  6. Sounds like alot of fun! Can't wait to see everyone's different ideas!

  7. 5 years! That's awesome Roni! I will absolutely give this a go and join in - another new experience gained from your blog. I don't think we have Altoids here but if I don't win one your giveaways, I will be sure to find something suitable. Looking forward to it!

  8. Congrats!!! Thanks for sharing all your talent and time with us!! Your tins are awesome!! Already have ideas for creating mine for the hop... :o)

  9. Would love to win a tin to alter. But will any type of tin work if we want to play along?

  10. Oh what fun this will be! Congrats on 5 years! your blog and your book have been exceptionally inspirational and helpful!! Looking forward to the blog hop/art festival in November!

  11. Hi Roni & congrats on 5 years!!!! I would love to have a tin to alter, so love doing this sort of thing. Your on-line Art Festival sounds like soooo much fun too. Cheers for now. Sandie :)

  12. COngrats on your 5 years (still can't believe it's been almost 5 years because I remember when you first started!! Roni, you have been just a treasure trove of ideas and techniques! I know that you have inspired so very many crafters and I can't wait to help you celebrate!! I got my tin today and am already coming up with ideas!

  13. I am so happy to have the chance to congratulate you on your wonderful anniversary commemorating five years of inky fun! Thank you so much for providing your support and creative inspiration. The next five years cannot wait for you to put your creative mark on all of the the trends that are yet to come. Thank you for inviting us to share in your creative journey!

  14. Congrats on the blog anniversary!

    hey I found you in a blogger help group..

    You had problems in adding gadgets sometime ago

    I am facing the same problem

    My 'add gadget' option has dissapeared..

    How did you find a solution

  15. Oh my goodness, happy 5th anniversary!!! That so great! Time flies doesn't it? The tin blog hop is a great idea, I love it and I hope I can join. Well be trying to work on one ASAP.

  16. Yeah! This sounds like so much fun!! Congrats on your five years, and thank you for sharing so much creativity and inspiration with us!!

  17. Yea! Happy Anniversary! What a fun way to celebrate, Roni!

  18. Happy 5th Anniversary!! I love the little tins! I have only recently discovered your blog, but I've been enjoying poking around and discovering new fun things you've created. I would love to win one of your tins - thanks for the chance!

  19. Another thing I've never tried!!! First charms, now this! I would love to win a tin to alter.

  20. congrats on five years! i would love to win one of the tins so I can make the amateur/intermediate design model!

  21. Roni - I love your blog it inspires me to try new things. I have started loving altering items. I would love a chance to win a tin filled with goodies to alter. Thanks

  22. What a fun idea!!! Can't wait! I love your blog. So much insperation and new things to try. Happy 5 years!!

  23. I love your tins! Also would like to participate in this! Happy 5 years!

  24. Seeing these just gave me some GREAT ideas! Would love to participate!

  25. Congratulations on reaching 5 years. I hope your activity goes very well.

  26. Fabulous and fun, would love to join in! Congratulations on an amazing 5 years!

  27. Yes please! Throw my name in the hat.....

  28. You have really got my Christmas juices flowing - this'll get me in the mood

  29. Congratulations on turning 5!!! What a wonderful accomplishment! I've never participated in a blog hop and am looking forward to it!!! Thanks for sharing it with everyone! :)


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