Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Christmas Altered Charm Swap - Starting to Arrive!!!

Woo Hoo...
I am so excited ~ I have not one, not two but three envies in my hot little hands full of Christmas Altered Charms!!!
These envies are from - Sandie B (AU); Kelli Sue H (MT); and Linda DG (FL)!!!
All of their charms are beautiful....I so can't wait till you see them'll have to wait :)
We have about 2.5 weeks left till the deadline of October 13th.
If you haven't started them yet, it's time to shake up that mojo!
Can't wait to see what everyone has in store.


  1. Mine are winging their way from New Zealand as I type :)
    I am so looking forward to seeing them all.
    Thank again for doing this Roni - you are a star!!

  2. I have half of mine done and am starting the other half today! I hope to have them in the mail soon!!

  3. You should have received mine, they were mailed to you over a week ago.

    Elaine Paullus

  4. Glad to hear mine showed up :)


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