Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vintage Specimen Plaque!

I am so excited to share a couple pics of my newest kit at Altered Pages!!

I was inspired in part by a recent movie on PBS....Great Expectations... Part of the show was set in a crazy old manor house filled with lots of cool old bits and pieces.  One thing that really caught my eye was the Victorian Specimen Collections!  I LOVE them.  Our zoo actually has modern collections of bugs, butterflies and other creatures in the Rain Forest section of the zoo. 

Anyway, that's where I came up with the idea for this kit.  You get supplies to create both a butterfly and egg collection to adorn your own walls or to use as gifts for others.

The butterflies on my plaque are actually pinned on just like the real collections!

I even came up with a fun technique to use with this kit...
It makes your eggs & butterflies look very realistic!

At some point I will share it with you :)


  1. These are great! Love the realistic look of them! What did you use as a backer board?

  2. Roni, these are gorgeous! I especially love the butterfly page and was immediately taken back to when I created just such a collection, but of bees! Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane this morning! ;-)

  3. I love these Roni!!! Awwwww..hope you share it soon:) I know you will, because you love us:)))
    Have a super day!

  4. how cute. cant wait til you share your artistic secrets with us on how you did the eggs.
    plaque would look good hanging on my wall. this is great thanks for sharing

  5. You can purchase unfinished wood plaques in a variety of sizes and shapes at local craft stores.


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