Monday, June 18, 2012

Steampunk - Time Traveler Card!

Hi Everyone!

I hope all the dads out there in blogger land had a wonderful Father's Day this past weekend.
We treated dh to a nice meal at one of our favorite restaurants and he got a couple things he's been wanting so I think he had a nice time.

Today I wanted to share the following Steampunk card I created using StampersBest images....

I really love playing with various images that might not specifically fit the theme Steampunk but work together to create a story.

In this instance I added the compass ~ which brings to mind hiking or camping and the hour glass which I know this is going to date me but it reminds me of a soap opera from the 70's - LOL!!
I thought by combining them with the steampunk flying machine and the lady steampunk captain it helped tell her story.

 I used some gel pens by Sakura ~ both white and metallic to color the gears and wings then added some stickles to her hat and dangling jewels!

The gears are a combo of 7Gypsies & Ideaology.

To see full instructions on how to create this card you can see: Steampunk Time Traveler @ the Stampers Best Blog :)


  1. Like sands through the
    hourglass . . .

    Amazing details, Roni!


  2. Cool card! I like the non - Steampunk items you've added. You're not alone in recognizing the hour class/tv show symbolism! LOL

  3. WOW Roni! This is fabulous...and I love the little touches of white gel pen to make things pop!

  4. LOVE this card! If anyone ever gave me a card like that, I'd have to frame it and put in on display. It's fantastic!

  5. Hi Roni,

    Very cool card!!! Love all the details.


  6. Cool! Love the stamped images and all the details!

  7. The card is sick,I love the lady steampunk captain. Awesome work Roni,you've done it again. By the way the soap opera is days of our lives. Its still on. Same hour glass.

  8. Love this mix of elements, Roni! Great job in combining them!

  9. Absolutely frameable! Fantasmagorical!

  10. Can you give me permission to use this image? I will happily credit you. Is there anyway I can get it in high resolution? I would love to use it to promote my friends' ballroom concert in a poster and maybe on her website. Please let me know!!!


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