Monday, June 25, 2012

Re-organization - ALMOST DONE!!!!

Hi Everyone ~

Well, it's been a while since my last post.  LOTS of things going on.  We were out of town on Fri & Sat. then our son's GF had her graduation party was the first time we were going to meet her extended family!  I always get nervous meeting new people so I was way stressed out before hand.  Turned out they were all really nice and DH & I had a great time.  Great food & really nice people.

It really was silly of me to start re-organizing when it was so hot but it was even worse since we were going to be gone so much. BTW - Those pics I posted were mid-tear down....I didn't want anyone to think my room was that messy all the time.  I had pulled most of my piles that I tuck here and there out and started to sort them at that point.  Anyway,  my room has been a disaster since I started just for the fact that I couldn't get back in here to do anything.  SOOOO today I put forth a herculean effort and got it all put back together!  I still have to sweep/mop and take another load of goodies over to mom but other than that I'm finished.  Of course I didn't get anything else done here at home but well sometimes other things have to wait.

Now, I have a ? for you....

Would anybody be interested in trading or purchasing goodies with me? 

Let me explain....I took a new approach to my re-organization this time.  I love to watch all those shows that clean, sort and organize so I decided to keep one of their reoccurring tips in mind while I was cleaning.   If you haven't used it in "X" amount of time get rid of it.  Well, I have lots of things I haven't used in ages and ages so I am/have gotten rid of lots of stuff.  Mom already got a big bag and box full of stuff and I have another bag & box ready to go.  I also have some things I thought about trading or selling if anyone was interested.

Here are the goodies I have up for grabs.... If you're interested, please e-mail me at ~
 ronijj @ gmail . com

**Coluzzle Templates -

1.00 each + shipping

Fat Heart
Wavy Border
Fat Oval
Regular Oval
Banner/Quote Blocks
Mini Charms

2.00 each +shipping

Pillow Box
Tiny Tote w/Handles
Bone Puzzle
One with straight lines - I think for cutting pics into strips.

3.00 set +shipping

Script Alpha - Upper & Lower Case
Marshmallow Alpha & Shadow
? Alpha - Upper & Lower Case (looks oriental to me but I don't recall the name)

**QuickKutz 2x2 Dies - 1.00 each+shipping

Maple Leaf
Mini Band aids
Solar Flare

**QK Binder & 11 - 2" Die Pages 8.00 + shipping

**Small box of assorted Gemstone Nail Heads....these are the things that you mount your gemstones in and bend the prongs to hold the gems in place.  2.00 +shipping

Stamps May Be All Spoken for....I also have many assorted stamps (all UM - rubber only) - Some have been used once or twice but most are new.  Christmas, Vintage, lots of Misc.  ???????

Again, if you're interested, I'm ready to move them!
I'll make you a deal on qty's!

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  1. Love that you're making such progress in getting organized, Roni. I wish I were in the "acquisition mode," and could take some of those stamps off your hands, but I am trying to downsize. Good luck. There are going to be some very lucky people out there grabbing up your stash! ;-)


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