Monday, June 11, 2012

Paint Chip Clip Board for Dad

I was going to share this last week but life got in the way...

I mentioned we'd be using something that virtually everyone can get for free....PAINT CHIPS!
They come in all different shapes and sizes as you can see here...
(Yes, I am a paint chip junkie!)

Paint Chip Clipboard 001

Today we'll be using a few select chips to create a stunning clipboard for Dad!

Paint Chip Clipboard 002

First thing you'll want to do is determine how you want to align your paint chips.  This will dictate how many chips you need.  I am going to go gradient by color and size as shown here.

Paint Chip Clipboard 004

To begin you'll need a nice selection of book and paper ephemera...

Paint Chip Clipboard 005

which you need to cut into a variety of squares & rectangles.

Paint Chip Clipboard 006

Then begin gluing these pieces onto your chipboard.

Paint Chip Clipboard 007

Paint Chip Clipboard 008

And here is what mine looks like totally covered (and drying).

Paint Chip Clipboard 009

While the glue is drying on the book pages you can cut your paint chips to the desired size.  I started off cutting each strip 1/4" then increasing a bit at a time.    For the center strip I cut 2 of each size and for the two outside strips I cut two paint chips at a time and 4 pieces of each size (2 per side).

Paint Chip Clipboard 010

After the board had dried I began gluing the center strip onto the board.  By starting with this center strip it will help with placement of the outside strips.

Paint Chip Clipboard 011

Once the center is finished you can immediately begin adhering the two outer strips.  I find that  working back and forth helps to keep both sides even.

Paint Chip Clipboard 012

And here is what it looks like at this point.  Add a finish layer over the entire clipboard smoothing down any edges that might pop up.

Paint Chip Clipboard 013

After the paint chips have dried you can cut off the excess chip.

Paint Chip Clipboard 015

Sand all of the edges and you're ready to finish it off...

Paint Chip Clipboard 016

Tomorrow I'll show you several different ways you can decorate...
Till then ~

have a wonderful evening!


  1. This is great, I love using torn newspaper ephemera and ripped text from books.

  2. Very cool! and something Dad will really like!

  3. What a cool project, Roni! I used a lot of paint chips in my scrapbooking in the early years, but haven't visited that box of chips in a while. You have inspired me to do so. Can't wait to see your added elements!

  4. Very cleaver Roni!!!!! I really like!!!!

  5. So very cool!!! This could be used in so many ways!! The different colors of paint chips to pick from are virtually endless!! Thanks Roni! Can't wait to see how you finish it:)

  6. This is a neat idea Roni! I use a clip board to make macrame bracelets and necklaces, so having a pretty one would be much cooler. Love how you always get the creative juices flowin'!


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