Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nifty Daddy-O

Happy Thursday!!

Gosh it seems like this week has just flown by.  What with getting things all put back together after the grad. party, taking MIL to a dr appt, making deliveries for the business for the last couple days it feels like it's Tuesday!

I wanted to share a fun Father's Day card that has a retro feel to it....

I just love these images from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps...they are very nostalgic and I'm sure will bring lots of good memories back for my Dad.   It's sort of fun, Indiana actually has a few drive-in type diners left.  A couple of them even have the waitresses deliver meals in their skates! 

In addition to the card I posted a new poll asking about postage stamps.

I know, it's a bit off the wall but I have noticed more and more that most people for convenience sake are using meter or computer generated postage.  It's sad because I for one love all of the neat images available on postage stamps and I hope that the people who receive mail from me enjoy it as well. 

I try to use postage stamps when ever I can even though that means I have to go to the post office to drop heavier things or foreign mail off in person (it's a stupid new rule!).  I collect all of the stamps I get in the mail to use in future art you?

(these are some of the stamps I just picked up today)

Anyway, if things go well tomorrow I'll be sharing a fun project to make for dad using something that most people have access to for FREE!

Can you guess what it is???

I'll give you a hint...
A small bit here = something that surrounds you!


  1. Love your fun retro card...and that sentiment cracked me up!
    And YES....I also collect stamps to use on projects, but I haven't really used them very often so am looking forward to some ideas!

  2. Hmmmmm...I'll have a hot dog with the works and a side of fries and a vanilla shake:)))) Love your card Roni!


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