Friday, June 29, 2012

Landscaping Timbers to 4th of July Centerpiece!

Hey everyone...

I hope you're all having a great day....staying out of the heat/dust/storms or whatever other weather might be plaguing you at this time.  I had planned on posting this earlier BUT for the first time in months we had a real for sure T-storm!  Our area of Indiana has been classified an extreme drought...the weather guy said this rain came too hard/fast to change much but at least it washed the layer of dust off of everything. 

If you've visited much at all you know how much I love to take stuff destine for the dust bin and turn it into something useful again.  Well, today I have a project that I made using scraps of landscaping timbers that I nicked from my Dad's scrap bin.  He usually gives it to my grandma to use as kindling for her wood stove BUT I was able to go through it and pick out some pieces I wanted to use for ... something ;)

4th of July
Landscape Timber

FireCracker Centerpiece 027


Landscape Timbers or similar in 3 different lengths
Vintage Sheet Music or other ephemera
Patriotic Collage Images (Altered Pages - AP563 Americana)
Acrylic Paint
Glass Glitter
Brown Ink
Ink Blending Tool


1. Sand off any rough splinters and wipe away any loose dirt/debris.

FireCracker Centerpiece 001
2. Paint the tops of your pieces white and the bottoms black.

FireCracker Centerpiece 002 FireCracker Centerpiece 003
3. Mark off the approx. size of paper you will need to cover your timbers.  You could of course get real precise ~ measuring and cutting but I am simply going to make a pencil mark and tear off the excess.  Due to the size of my timbers I need 2 pieces to cover each.

FireCracker Centerpiece 005
4. Glue the sheet music to the timber smoothing down as you go.  Once you've covered each of the 3 timbers set them aside to dry.

FireCracker Centerpiece 008 FireCracker Centerpiece 009
5. Now free hand a few stars onto the chipboard.  You'll notice mine again aren't perfect...they have more of a folk art feel to them.  Some sides are longer than another and a bit wonky but that's what I wanted.  Cut each star from the cardboard.

FireCracker Centerpiece 010 FireCracker Centerpiece 011
6.  Paint the large star red, medium white and small blue.  (this will come in handy in the next step.).

FireCracker Centerpiece 012
7.  Once the paint has dried, coat each star with a bit of glue and sprinkle on the matching color of glass glitter.  Since you painted the stars to match you don't have to worry if it's not completely covered.  The paint below will cover any light spots!  This saves lots of time and glitter ;)  Set them aside to dry.

FireCracker Centerpiece 014 FireCracker Centerpiece 015
8.  While the stars are drying, add a vintage feel to your timbers by applying a bit of brown ink. 

FireCracker Centerpiece 017
9.  Drill a small hole in the top center of each timber.  I only drilled down like 1/2". 

FireCracker Centerpiece 019
10.  Poke one or more pieces of metallic pipe cleaners down in each hole and bend a little curl on the top.   *NOTE - If needed you can glue your pipe cleaners in the hole...mine seemed to stay in place w/o the glue.

11. Trim, ink and mat desired patriotic images.

FireCracker Centerpiece 020
12.  Tie a length of raffia to each timber.

FireCracker Centerpiece 022
13.  Hot glue the stars and collage images to each timber....

FireCracker Centerpiece 024
NOW you have 3 way cool Patriotic Fire Crackers for your 4th of July table!

FireCracker Centerpiece 026

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Whoa! These are so cool! Makes me wish I decorated for the holidays?

  2. What a grand presentation for your holiday table, Roni, fireworks and all! I believe your imagination is boundless! Great project!

  3. Great idea and awesome decoration! Still reading your blog daily Roni. You have the best ideas.

  4. Very cool! The curled pipe cleaners are nice touch. Looks like you may even be able to change out the decorations on the timbers for other holidays too.

  5. Happy 4th Roni!!!! What cool centerpieces!!! Love the stars:)

  6. How fun are these! I love this great idea!

  7. WAY COOL! I will make some too.

  8. You're ingenuity never ceases to amaze me...great centerpiece!

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