Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Frozen Charlotte Tart Tin Art

Oh I am so excited... Bob went to the dr. today for his check up to see how things were healing AND he got his stitches out; an all clear on his vision; we found out that his leg pain was just an injured nerve that will heal with time and o.k.'ed to go back to school tomorrow!  It's such a relief...he was worried about getting the stitches out and I was worried about his leg so it all turned out great!

So, today I wanted to get a bit messy...I thought it would be a good time to pull out one of my latest mini tart tins!  I have to tell you I am LOVING these little gems.  I bought a whole boat-load of mini tins several months ago and I've been experimenting with them ever since.  I have some mini tins ~ some old, some fairly new and I've got some really tiny tart tins...I actually think they are candy sized.

Frozen Charlotte
Halloween Tart Art


Mini Tart Tin
Frozen Charlotte (or TH Fractured Dolls)
Black Gesso
Metallic Paint (Golden - Light Copper; Bronze)
Misc. embellishments

Halloween Charlottes 001


1. Since it is for Halloween I thought it would be nice to really make these little dolls scary :)  So, I covered them with the black gesso and as it dried I rubbed a bit off here and there.  It left just enough gesso to give these little suckers an eerie look.  Set them aside to dry completely.
Halloween Charlottes 002

2. Now to work on the tart tins.  I painted one with the black gesso and the other with bronze Golden paint.  After that dried, I rubbed the copper paint over the black and the black gesso over the bronze.  You can see how different each turned out below.
Halloween Charlottes 003

L - Black w/ Copper rubbed over top;
R - Bronze w/ Black rubbed over top.
Halloween Charlottes 005

3. Next, fill each tin with moss or straw, add your creepy Charlotte dolls then embellish as desired!  I am going to add a magnet to the back of each of these tins cause I have a nice metal cabinet in my room I am going to hang them on.  You could also add a picture hanger to the back if you want to hang them on the wall; add a bit of ribbon to the back for a hanger as well.
Halloween Charlottes 006

So there you go...
a way fun and creepy way to use those little dolls you just had to have ;)

it's your turn!
Go get messy :)


  1. Wow, those are great! Glad to hear good Dr. news, too.

  2. So happy to hear the good news about your son's recovery! You must feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. And there's nothing like getting messy to celebrate good news! Love the mini tins!

  3. Those are really cool! Great to hear the good news on the healing process!!

  4. great news !!
    love the spooky stuff !

  5. So happy about Bob's results!!!!! And have I told you lately how much you rock girl! This is a phenomenal project incorporating two of my favorite things~tins and charlottes. Thank you Roni!!!!!!

  6. So glad everything is fine with your son Roni. I know how upsetting that can be, worrying about them. On a happier note, I love your little dolls in the tins. So freaking cute!

    Elaine Allen

  7. Absolutely ghouly! Love that black gesso over the bronze rubbed with copper.

  8. Glad to hear good news :)

    Those lil dollies are just spook-tacular. I love the way you colored them. Love the tins. Just the name makes me want to go out an create something out of 'tart tins'. TFS


  9. Great news, I'm glad everything is good. The pics of those tins made me remember I have some of them now, did I move them or were they lost and where would I start looking. Easier to buy more but with money so tight I am going to look for them. Maybe having no money is a GOOD THING. LOL

  10. Oh so frightfully fun Roni! Love the sparkle. Ingenious to use the tart tins.


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