Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flowers & Pearls

O.k...this using what you have thing has really gotten to me so I decide to use up some items that I've bought but never really used. I confess, I'm a hoarder of crafty supplies!  There ~ I said it....whew!!

I don't know why but I do ~ I don't know if it's because some items are expensive and I don't want to use it up and spend more or if it's the fact that I'm afraid I'll use them today on a so-so project then figure out a SUPER project that I could have used them on or what.  It's bad and I don't have infinite space so I figured I'd better start doing something about it.

I have a real thing for pearls but don't buy them often because they are expensive.  I did purchase a few (the adhesive lines) the last time I was actually at a IRL scrapbook store (we have no LSS's left!) ~ they were 4.00 for a few short lines so they have stayed in the package because I couldn't bring myself to use them. 

I have also amassed a huge collection of flowers...again, I buy and hoard them....  I don't know why, I just do.

So recently I set out to make a card incorporating these two "precious" commodities I hold near and dear!  If you'll notice I have also used a couple of my paper punches that I've had for 10+ years (the leaves & fern-y looking things)!!!

This is what I came up with....

JFF 092611 007

What do you think?
I'm pretty tickled with the finished card.
It was hard to get started because I normally don't do flowery things but this was fun once I got going.   The tiny flower centers are these awesome micro flowers that I tinted with Distress Stains except for the white one on the bottom...it's the original color.

Are you a crafty hoarder?
Do you ration your new goodies so you don't run out?
Are there unopened packages in your stash that you've had for more than a week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I challenge you to open up that package and use it!  It's really quite fun once you get started....
Don't get me wrong, this hasn't changed my hoarding was but I think I will use a few more of the goodies I've been "saving" for ????????


  1. Beautiful card!!! And your statement...."I'm afraid I'll use them today on a so-so project then figure out a SUPER project that I could have used them on.".. is like I said it myself - that's soooo ME!!! I don't use things I love because I'm afraid that what I make with them won't be perfect. Your example is inspirational!! (I'm also commiserating with you on the LSS... all of ours have closed, too. :( )

  2. Hmmm...Yes, yes and yes! I am a "saver". I save everything even my new clothes so I don't use them up or wear them out. Then when I ever do get rid of something (at hubby or bff's insistence!) I always miss it terribly. Mr. C has a rule here, "Volume In = Volume Out". So I usually throw away the packaging as it really is a lot of volume. :o) Not his idea of following the rule.
    Your card is beautiful and I am trying to "Use the Good Stuff".

  3. Beautiful card and love those flowers. Yes hoarding is a bad thing because sometimes things are too pretty that we dont want to use them. I used to do this with my bling and rhinestones but have started using them to make my projects more beautiful!!

  4. Gorgeous card! I have recently started using those precious craft items and it is very liberating and makes more room for new precious items.

  5. OH boy, do I understand this problem!! Or is it a problem?? Yes..it must be!! I'm actually trying (mind you I said trying!!) to part with some of my stash! It's difficult! But your card is so pretty and I have most of these same products. Not the stamps but The flowers and pearls...oh yeah! So I'll take this challenge! Thanks for pushing me in the right direction Roni!!

  6. I love the card! I too have been a hoarder of crafty goodness...loll. But this year I switched up New Year's resolution-wise...forget the lose 10 pounds ha ha. I decided it was time to break the hoarding habit AND bring the UFO's (Un Finished Objects) out of the closet. It feels great!

  7. That's beautiful and yes, we really should stop hoarding our stash. I keep asking myself why I do it but can come up with no answers, so I applaud your challenge!

  8. Wow Roni...love your card! A bit different from your usual style but it's fabulous!!!! From one hoarder to another...I understand you perfectly. I've tried to figure out why I hoard instead of use my favorite supplies and it is probably what you said....I'm afraid I'll "waste" it on something that is only so-so. Silly thing is that I will end up with goodies that stay in their packages, in dark drawers for a lifetime and never even have the chance to shine! Or even worse, that my tastes will change and I won't even like them anymore! I've been forcing myself to grab some of that precious stash and use it for a change...thanks for the motivation!

  9. Boy does this post 'ring a bell'with us crafters! I'm glad that I am not the only one. I (and my Mom) have been getting better about using stuff, but it's a hard habit to break. On the other hand, it does feel good to make use of some of these items, doesn't it?

  10. "I don't know if it's because some items are expensive and I don't want to use it up and spend more or if it's the fact that I'm afraid I'll use them today on a so-so project then figure out a SUPER project that I could have used them on or what."

    Yep. This is me (I). My hoarding is because of both of the above. Lately I decided to buy my own home and had to put myself on a tight budget. My hoarding guilt was related to expensive specialty paper, embroidered ribbons and trims, and Stickles. Now I have to use these hoarded items, but it's not as hard as I thought it would be. Because I have my spending priorities straight, I'm suffering no guilt about using them.

  11. I am also a big fan of pearls but find them pricey. I have purchased a couple of the viva decor pearl pens. These are AWESOME for similating flat back pearls on my cards and scrapbook pages.

  12. I am the same,but as i can't afford to buy lots it is harder for me to use up the few i do manage to get! oh dear i better do as you are doing ,and start using what i have!lol.rosiex

  13. PS. forgot to say,your card is beautiful!xxrosie

  14. It's a beautiful card and the flowers look great. I'm a bit of a gather of things, I am not a hoarder as these are useful things. LOL I do use something out of most packets I buy. But some times I just collect things, like doggy theme paper and products or time or key paper and products. I will use them if I have a use but generally I buy them when I find them because they won't be available when I want them.
    Doesn't sound like I am justifying my stash. Oh well off to use something.

  15. Oh, I hoard! I find something cute, or showy, or otherwise sparks something in me, and buy it. Then look at it for a while. I get inspired by looking at the things I have, but not inspired to use them! Guarantee, when everyone else is just finishing off their last pearl because it is no longer fashionable to put them on cards, I'll finally crack my packs open!

  16. Goodness, I could tell you (quite) a few things in my supplies that I hoard but, the one that ushers itself to the front of my brain every time, is a paper stack from Graphic 45 that I purchased (probably) a year ago. It's the Magic Of Oz stack and I just can't bring myself to use it...lol It's such pretty paper and I just hate to cut it up. Is that stupid or what!!


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