Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder....

That statement is SOOOOOOO true!

This a.m. I was flipping through different channels on the tv to try and find something for background noise while I was cleaning.   I came upon a show that I've seen advertised but never watched before ~ Work of Art ~ the next great artist so I decided to leave it on and see what it was about.

WELL, now it might be my being born/raised in the mid-west or it could have something to do with my art teachers in the past or just my own personal taste but I'm telling you 95% of what those people created in my book was NOT art! 

Their inspiration for the challenge was motion ~ it was a modern dance show.  I guess I'm just naive or something but a wooden structure getting an erection is NOT's something I'd expect a 16 yr old male to create in shop class.  Dropping a bucket of guts onto plastic sheeting is not actually looked like one of our cows after she had a calf.  Wrapping colored garden hose around a 5 gallon bucket isn't art or motion.... that's how we store our garden hose for the winter!  WTHeck?!?

Have you seen the show?

What do you think?


  1. I totally agree with you. I'm no art major, but I think art should come naturally not forced and under those conditioned. I think that's what they should challenge the artist on just their own natural talent.

  2. I loved the show last year. So far I'm not sure about the artists. I will keep watching to see. The first episode showed their self portraits which was really interesting.

  3. I've watched the show and yeah, it's pretty much a bunch of self-indulged college art majors acting out their personal problems. Occasionally someone creates something inspiring, but that may be accidental.

  4. Too funny. I watched it for the first time this morning too! I was also looking for some background noise.

    Yeah, I wasn't impressed by their interpretation of motion. I loved how the artists were making fun of the one guy who did an ok job of interpreting the theme--the video that won the challenge. And really, the loser who just threw some icky organs or whatever that was onto a floor while video taping it--that's the best she could come up with? I get being inspired by a medical condition but yuck...not art or at least not good art.

  5. I have not seen it, nor do I care to after that review!

  6. Ha ha...your commentary gave me a couple of laughs! I have to admit to having a fairly traditional idea of what art is as well, even though I was an art major in college!! One reason I didn't continue as an art major was probably because I lacked that vision that separated me from the more "creative" types. One of my closest friends was a performance artist (very successful) who went on to teach at Rutgers College and had shows in a number of countries etc. However, I could NOT understand or "get" any of her pieces! So, I left it to others to enjoy and just plugged away with what I enjoyed. Can't say that I'll check out this program myself, and I know exactly what you mean!

  7. It is strange how the concept of "art" has evolved over the years. It is subjective-look at the artist who caused a stir using urine and his own excrement to "paint" with but his "art" was shown in a high quality art museum in New York. The "artists" on this show are just a sign of the times-spoiled, pampered kids who self induldge in thinking they are artists. Sarah Jessica Parker should be held responsible for sponsering this drivil of a show. I will not watch again. How stupid that the winner was a man filming himelf spinning around so much he made himself sick. That is not art-that is a three year old's idea of fun.


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