Monday, October 3, 2011

ATC's Pouring In!!

Little packages of ATC's are starting to pour in now with only a few days left until the deadline.

I wanted to let these folks know that their packages arrived safe and sound.  I don't want to give anything away design wise but all of the cards I've seen so far are super :)  I can't wait to get them all out and photograph them to share with you all!

I rec'd the following either Saturday or Today....

Judy L
Theresa P
Sue B
Paula L

If you've not mailed your ATC's yet you still have time ~ I'm shooting for all the packages to be in on Saturday so I can sort on Sunday/Monday but I do understand postal delays.  Once they leave your hands you have no control over how quickly/slowly they arrive.  If you don't see your name highlighted on the swap list and it's getting close please post or e-mail me if you've sent your package.  If I don't hear from you and your package isn't here I will assume that you decided not to play along.

Getting very exciting...such awesome art just waiting to find a new home!!


  1. Yay! ATC swap is coming soon...
    Thank you Roni for hosting this and doing so much work.

  2. Mine were mailed in today priority mail :o))) Can't wait to see what everyone made.

    Thank you Roni for hostessing and the time you'll spend for sorting and re-packing!!

  3. Mine went postal today. This is my first mailed-out swap (have just done a few in person) so I am super excited about the prospect of a fun-filled package arriving. Can't wait---thanks so much Roni.

  4. Roni, Let me add my thanks to those here already, for your willingness to host such a spooktacular event! This is also my first mail in swap, so I too am really excited to see all the wonderful art from everyone!
    (glad you posted the package got there ok!)

  5. So exciting...I can hardly wait!

  6. Getting so excited! :-) Hollie (my daughter) and I sent ours out in today's mail. I packaged them together. Thaks for all of your hard work doing this. We really appreciate the time and effort.

  7. mine went priority on Monday. Should be there soon :)


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