Saturday, October 22, 2011

ATC Swap

O.k...I finally have time to post all of the envies today so everything will be going out in the mail on Monday.  I never dreamed when I originally posted the due date that all these other "events" would take place in between times.  Normally I like to sort, swap, repackage and post my swaps the weekend they are due but there have just been so many IRL things happen that it delayed this swap quite a bit.  For that I am sorry.

I also went back and added names to both of the General themed ATC's.  Several people had asked to see photos and I didn't have much time either day so I figured it was best to just post them and go back and add names as I had time.  I'm sorry if anyone was put-off by names on Halloween and no names on General at the time.  I didn't intend to hurt any one's feelings.

Also, the first photos in the General themed ATC post is Mary P - it has both her Halloween and General themed cards in one photo.  Hers was the first envie I opened and I just took a photo of them together.  The next few envies were all General themed and for a few of those I took group photos.  Later on I started taking Halloween/General separate as well as shots of each design separate.  I should have gone back and taken new shots of those first envies I opened but I didn't.  I'm sorry if that has caused any inconvenience on any ones part.    It took me a couple hours just to open and photograph this swap because there were so many and by the time I reached the end I never thought about going back and re-taking the beginning shots....nor would I have remembered which ones they were.  I'm sure I might have missed some individual cards and if I did, I'm sorry.

A couple people asked if I dreamed there would be so many.... No, I never did but I am so happy there were... the art work is all amazing and I'm sure there will be lots of happy people out there :) 

Several more people asked if I'm going to have another ATC swap again....  Yes, I think so but I'm not planning another swap till after the holidays.  It's such a busy time for everyone and I've found from past swaps that the ones with Nov/Dec due dates seem to have the most delays/MIA's.  I just don't have any during that time of year anymore.

I think that's everything...I hope you all enjoy your swap results and participate again sometime :)
Thanks friends!!

Now, I had a few extra cards that I set back to give away....

If you'd like a chance to win simply post a comment telling me what type of swap you'd like to see in the future. 
You have until 10-29 to post your comment.

I can't wait to have another charm swap...
 I LOVE those little buggers!
(I've already got some ideas brewing!!)

Have a wonderful day
Good Luck!!


  1. I like charms, ATCs and postcards.

  2. It must have been so much work to swap such an amount of ATCs. Thank you very much for all the work you did! For me this was just the perfect swap: I love swapping ATCs and my favourite theme Halloween. Of course I'd welcome any new ATC swap!

  3. Thanks for all the work in organizing this swap. It was so much fun seeing the photos so thanks for sharing those as well. I would welcome another ATC swap as I have just started trading them. How about an ATC with an unusual ingredient or format?

  4. of course a charm swap!!! lol..tfs a chance rto win..loves ya

  5. I'm all for another charm swap!

  6. I got no gripes and will play in any old swap you might want to organize!

  7. How about a dressform swap? I loved seeing all the ATC's thanks for sharing. Shari (cricutrookie)

  8. The ATC's look Great! Good job everyone!!...

    I think it would be fun to swap, Bird Cage Tags, Charms, ATC's


  9. Hi Roni: You do not need to apologize to us for any reason! Your life has been a roller coaster and I cannot imagine all that you have been dealing with my dear. The work and time you put into organizing and doing a swap is amazing and I thank you. Yes to charms! I also like ATCs and Post Cards. Blissful Inspirations...

  10. how about a tag/bookmark swap. Or something I participated in years ago a tag doll swap.
    stamping sue

  11. No complaints here! I am just grateful you hosted the swap and all the pics are a bonus! I'd like another charm swap... It was great! Caroline D... I'm on my phone and couldn't sign w/google

  12. Hi ROni...u KNOW I love charms too so Im in as long as it is after the holidays. U know these ATC's are fun especially when there are only size much easier for me! You did so much work on this...tyvm! And I might be in the minority, but Im not opposed to doing xmas stuff in the first part of the year lol...its my fav season and I dont think I could ever be tooooooo much ahead lol.LUV that u photo-ed! u really rock and I know everyone you see how many want to play with you! Hugs to you and your mom.

  13. Thanks again so much for hosting...Seems like such a lot of work!
    I do apologies to all the ladies out there for the general simplicity of my cards, and promise I'll up the anti next round :) I'm new and have just started a collection of papers and stamps etc. That said I can't wait for my envelope of cards!
    I really hope everyone has included info such as blog addy's and such so I can check them out (as well I hope you stop over to mine) I just can't believe how talented everyone is!

  14. OH< forgot to say I'm willing to join any kind of swaps you have!! The charm swap sounds wonderful, I'm good at those! :D

  15. I love charms and bling. I love using gems to add a little sparkle to anything I have created.

    Keep on smiling.

  16. Roni, Thank you so much for doing this swap, it was my first ATC swap and I would like to participate again whatever you all decide. Hugs from Maine.

  17. It is totally understandable that there were delays and set backs given what has been happening in your personal life! I know I am grateful just to have had this opportunity. It was my first swap so I am excited and look forward to the ATC's I get back. But NO RUSH!

    I can hardly wait for the next swap! And I totally agree that it is best to wait till after the holidays.

    I would love to see an ATC swap that incorporated fabric or canvas. As a fiber artist and stamper - I have wanted to do more melding of my two passions - but haven't taken the time to do that. So an ATC swap using fabrics and or canvas would be fun I think.

    Also, I haven't done a charm swap so that too sounds like fun!

    Hope your life is settling dow a bit now, and that you can enjoy the holiday season coming up quickly!

    Thank you again for all of the time you invest in sharing and teaching us! Your blog is my favorite and first place I go when I want to learn a new technique or need some inspiration!

    Your work is awesome and greatly appreciated!
    Mary P.

  18. I've been wanting to join one of your charm swaps, so maybe the next one!! Also, a postcard swap would be fun, I do mine in fabric.


  19. I just found your site and am anxious to get started!! I would love a charm swap (I love those little guys) OR an ATC swap would be so much fun too. :)

  20. Roni~Thank you for all of your hard work...esp. with all of the other crazy events that happened. I would hope that as fellow crafters, everyone would be understanding. I would do another swap...I do love ATC ones, maybe one with a random theme, like a color or a genre like vintage photos...hmmm creative juices flowing now. loll

  21. How about a card swap? Thanks.

  22. I LOVE the ATCs I received in the General Swap. Thanks for hosting. If you do another one, I'll want to be part of this again.

    Thanks to all the artists for your amazing work!

    Deb Lovett

  23. I loved seeing everyone's ATCs!! Now I would love to see a tag swap with a special theme. Since you want to wait till after the holidays, which is great by me, maybe a swap relating to Spring would be fun!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!