Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ATC Swap - Installment #2 - More Halloween ATC's

I'm so glad so many people are enjoying the ATC's...  I tell you, I just love going through them.  They are all so much fun to look at.

Here are the rest of the Halloween ATC's that were sent in....

ATC Swap 034

Theresa P.

ATC Swap 035

Sue B
ATC Swap 037


ATC Swap 039

Kristy T.

ATC Swap 041


ATC Swap 042

ATC Swap 046

Caroline D

ATC Swap 047

ATC Swap 049

It's signed jl.

ATC Swap 051

Pam J.

ATC Swap 054

Ink Pattie
ATC Swap 055


ATC Swap 057

There is actually one more but I took the pic of it with the General themed ATC so I'll share it tomorrow.

Lots of fun ideas huh?
Don't ya just love Halloween!!


  1. jl is Judy Laughlin,

  2. This batch is equally as great as the first! They are all so different and fun! Everyone did a great job I think. Sure was fun to make them and send in!! Thanks for hostessing the swap.... I'm still thinking about how big the pile would be to have 1389 atc's together. lol

  3. Love, Love, Love! Caroline is right~everyone did a great job and thanks again for the swap!

  4. They are all good! Can't wait to see the others! I can't imagine sorting them all and sending them out. What a big job! Thanks for organizing a fun swap!


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