Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ATC Swap - Installment #1 - Halloween ATC's


I have been busy today ~ I sorted all of the ATC cards today...all 1389 of them!!!!   About 2/3 were general and 1/3 was Halloween.  I still have to re-pack, seal and post the envies which will take a couple days so please hang tight...I'm gettin' there. 

I did have something odd happen though ~ I ended up with 5 extra General cards.  It's never happened before and I'm usually very organized so I'm not sure how it happened.  Soooo, someone out there is shorted 5 cards... Please let me know when you receive your cards if you're missing any, I'll send them out right away! 

I took photos so I thought I'd start sharing them.  It's going to be in 4 parts since there were SOOOO many cards! 

I'm going to start with Halloween ATC's....


Deb V

ATC Swap 002

Deanna C

ATC Swap 004


ATC Swap 006


ATC Swap 009


ATC Swap 011


ATC Swap 018

Helen C

ATC Swap 023


ATC Swap 025

ATC Swap 026

ATC Swap 027

ATC Swap 031

So what do you think?
Pretty awesome huh?

I think so too!!!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun!!!


  1. What a marvelous assortment of creative friends you have Roni! They are all great.

  2. Those are fabulous! I can't wait!

  3. Only 5 outta over 1300!!!....LOL I think you did great Roni... sounds like a HUGE job.

    All these Halloweeen cards are fabulous! Everyone has such great creativity!

  4. These are wonderful! Can't wait to see the rest...of the 1389! That's incredible!

  5. Roni -

    These ATCs are just wonderful. What a creative bunch of artists. Can't wait to see the rest.

    Elaine Allen

  6. HOW MANY??? Flipping heck, thats a lot of ATCs, keeping you somewhat busy I should think. But........ you get to see sooo many fantastic cards, thats just awesome.

  7. oOOOh, I am so excited. Can't wait to see which ones I get. Great job all! And thanks Roni.

  8. They are totally awesome Roni!! Makes me wish I had the time to participate. What fun it would be to have a collection like this!

  9. Did you ever think you'd get that many ATCs?? They look fabulous!!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!