Monday, October 17, 2011

ATC Fun...

I have another installment of ATC's I have made for the swap...  

First though, I have to tell you, I'm very excited...I was asked to be a guest designer at SNR and my article will be posted soon!  Can you guess what it's about?!?!?

If you guess correctly you'll be entered to win an assortment of ATC making materials!

You have until 10-23-11 to post your guess!!

And here are more of my ATC's....

ATC's 005

ATC's 006

ATC's 007

ATC's 008

ATC's 010

ATC's 011

ATC's 012

ATC's 013

ATC's 014

ATC's 015

ATC's 017

ATC's 020

ATC's 021


  1. Well, whatever the article, it will be great! I'm guessing it'll be about making charms out of found objects - because you are the queen of that!

  2. Okay, I'll go for the obvious---is the article about ATCs???

    These are all beautiful. Especially love the flower one and the last one.

  3. Love your ATC's!!! My guess is an article about creating altered journals? Am I close? LOL!

  4. I'm on the same page as Deanna -ATCs? :OD

  5. Oh, they ARE GREAT!!I'm guessing that the article is about ATC' hoping that was a hint you gave us.

    Can't wait to get our swap ATC's back!! It's always fun to get good stuff in the mail!

  6. Congrats Roni on being a guest designer for SNR!

  7. Congratulations. You totally deserve it!!! I am guessing it is ink stains on ATCs. Have fun with your article.

  8. Amazing. Congratulations. You are so talented you deserve it. I want to guess that you are talking ATCs with Ink Staining.

  9. I think you will be doing an article about backgrounds.
    stamping sue

  10. Congrats !!
    I'm thinking inking on ATC's.

  11. congrats Roni! I'm thinking the different backgrounds and elements/techniques to use in ATC's??? Would love to see how you created those backgrounds. When will the article be posted? Can't wait!

  12. Wonderful ATC's!! Keep inspiring us - you are fabulous!!

  13. All of your ATC 's are so fun! My guess would be how to host a super successful totally fun blog.

  14. Love the cards! I am guessing atc's and vintage images

  15. I'm going with altered playingcards then, since ATC's - the obvious choice is used up *lol* :)

  16. Congratulations on being chosen for an article!
    Perhaps it will be on ATCs made from playing cards?
    Have a nice day! :-)


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