Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art Journal #4 - In Progress

I've had a few e-mails asking to see exactly what these pages are supposed to look like... 

There is no set way they should's totally up to you.  Below is my set of pages in progress...  So far I have 50  different favorites with lots more room to go.  I think I may be able to cram 101 on there BUT this is taking some time.  Someone posted it was going to be an easy'd think so but it reality it takes a while to think of your favorite things....the first 40 are easy...after that it takes some time and consideration.  At least it does for me.

Art Journal #4 - Favorite Things Collage - In Progress 001

You'll see I'm using a combination of hand written descriptions, stamps, ephemera, stickers and dimensional items. 

Now of course you don't have to create your pages this might draw out a grid and put a favorite item in each box or simply use photos of your favorite items or bits of ephemera, etc.  It's really just to get you thinkin about the things that bring you joy!

Have fun with it :)


  1. Looks splendid! What a fun basis to journal from!

  2. this is really coming on great roni..hmm..i can't see me being able to put 101 on just 2 pages!!..but then i'm not ya

  3. Your pages are great. I haven't even started mine yet. Still gathering key elements...

  4. Wonderful favorites Roni!

  5. i have a plan for the background, and am still gathering faves..i sure fave a roni..coming great..loves ya


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