Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art Journal #4 - A Few of My Favorite Things!

I hope you all enjoy this set of pages as I am.... Since this is a Discovery art journal I'm going to make you put on your thinkin' cap a time or two and really dig deep.  We're going to start out easy and think about our favorite things.  It can be something tangible, imagined, dreams, hopes, etc...    I was originally going to make it 101 of my Favorite things but since there is no set page size I thought it might be difficult for people who are working with smaller page sizes to incorporate 101 different things.  So, while there is no set number, I urge you to really work at this and fit as many of your favorites on the page set as possible.

Now, I not only want you to write down your favorite things, I want you to really get into this by incorporating bits of ephemera (maybe a receipt for your fav. coffee, movie or concert tickets, key to your house, etc), stamped images (birds, butterflies, flowers, etc); stickers which could represent your favorite things (remember to use up that stash!!); or anything else you'd like to include!

 As for the technique, you will recall the supply list was pretty wide open...that's because I want you to make an interesting backdrop for your Favorites.  I want you to use your favorite, most beloved product(s) and/or technique to create the background for this set of pages. 

For me that product is Distress Inks and here is the background I made....  I inked my non-stick craft mat, placed my paper over the ink ~ rubbed it back and forth, added more ink and positioned the paper opposite of how I originally inked it....  rubbed it back and forth again and ta-daaa...
Art Journal #4 - My Favorite Things 001

Now you can stamp your favorites, use embellishments, stickers, ephemera to represent your favorites (be sure to include a notation as to what the favorite is) or you can simply write it out with printed letters, cursive handwriting, spiffy lettering techniques, etc.

Make it as interesting as you are!!
Art Journal #4 - My Favorite Things 003

I even cut out a few pieces from some pattern paper to add to my pages!
Art Journal #4 - My Favorite Things 005

The sky is the limit...
Let your imagination run wild

I'll share my pages when I finish them...not sure it will be tomorrow but soon :)


  1. This is looking great. Of course I so love the blues. I am glad you didn't stick with 101 because that is huge. I am off to gather...

  2. Really great page idea!

  3. o what an awesome it..tfs roni..loves ya

  4. Love this background- like the fun look!

  5. Wonderful blue color! It is always so exciting to watch a creation unfold!

  6. Your background is very nice. You can have fun with the color, but it doesn't overpower the stamping and ephemera.

  7. love it! quick and simple. My kind of pages.


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