Wednesday, March 2, 2011

!! New Project !! ~ ** Mother's Day Gothic Arch Book!!! ** ~

Recently Ink Stains hit 1500 posts and I posed the question of what you'd all like to see in the coming months.  Almost every person who replied said keep doing what I'm doing cause they like it just the way it is.  There were also several requests for general things to hit on (painting with the various pearl products out there), more stamping techniques, more collage, more altered arts and step by step projects.  So the basic theme is more more more :)

With all of that in mind I decided upon our next project...a couple people asked for something very specific...a project for Mother's Day.   That got me thinking that we could center our project on Mom's incorporating all of the things people like ~ stamping, techniques, collage, step by step projects, etc.  Rather than just making one project that takes only an hour or two we're going to kick it up a notch and make something a little bit different. A Gothic Arch "Mom" Book. 

Now don't instantly freak out on me....if you've been here before you know we walk through each step and it's going to be fun and easy!!  We'll be incorporating supplies you already have and introduce you to some new ones.  BUT you won't have to go out and buy loads of new "stuff" cause as always I'll offer alternatives using more common or every day items. 

I know some of you have been reluctant to participate in the multi-day / -week projects in the past because you didn't think you could do it so if it helps, stampers think of it as a book of compiled cards, scrapbookers think of it as a different shaped series of lay-outs and if you're just starting out jump right in and join in on the fun!!

Also...I know I am calling this a Mom book but if you're not as lucky as I am to still have my mom around think of another woman in your life that could use a ray of sunshine in their life.  It could be your best friend, a favorite aunt, a co-worker, sister, or significant other.  No matter what your relationship this book will be the perfect way to say I love you and you matter in my life!

Now, we'll be working on this book just a small bit at a time with a different technique for each Arch / page.  The first few days I'm going to be introducing you to our theme; get started making the base for our books and talking about a few options on how to bind our Arches together.  After the initial set up I'll be sharing one or two project Arches each week.  We'll have 2 months to work on this book ahead of Mother's Day so you're going to have plenty of time to get it finished!

I hope you're as excited about this new project as I am...I think it's going to be lots of fun and we're all going to have an amazing book to present to our Mom's or other special lady (ies) in our life!


  1. Ok Roni -

    You talked me into it. I'm going to give it a try. While sadly, I don't have my Mom with me anymore, I can make this for my sister. So I am game.

    Elaine Allen

  2. What a brilliant idea - but with no special ladies in my life and being and 'old' mum myself, I might just make it for the fun of it!

  3. I may have to fast forward a bit, as Mother's day in the UK is April 3rd. No pressure!!! It may have to be a good friend present instead, Judith xx

  4. Yeah, bring it on! My finger's healed & I'm ready for a new project.

  5. I'm a bit intimidated but you're so amazingly encouraging~I think I need to jump in!

  6. With you to hold my proverbial hand -I am jumping in with both feet.

  7. I'm ready! Or will be anyway! I love the idea of this book. Not sure for whom I'll make it..but that may the fun of it for me!

  8. Ohhh, sounds like fun! I love your Gothic arches anyway! I have sized them to use on a standard size 1/2 sheet of cardstock card. I think I'll have to join in!


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