Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined we're using one of my favorite additions to virtually any project.... Dictionary Pages!!!  Well, not exactly the whole page, just certain definitions chosen by you.  I want you to think about your mom and then cut out the words that describe her.  It could be that she's funny, a tease, silly, etc.  Whatever words describe her then feel free to use it!   If you're not making the book for your mom then of course you'd personalize the words for whom ever you are making it for.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 001

Now I know what some of you are can buy paper like this why should I make it?  My can buy paper similar to this but I guarantee you will never buy a sheet of dictionary definitions that will be so personalized and special for the lucky recipient you are making this book for!


1. Cut out several dictionary definitions for your page.

2. Trace your Gothic Arch template onto medium weight cardstock.  Cut the arch out.

3. Glue your definitions onto the Gothic Arch in interesting patterns.  There is no right or wrong can glue them down any old way you would like.  Trim off any over hanging definitions and let your arch dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 002

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 003

4. Here is where you have even more options.  You could use your arch as is or you could do one of the following:  Stamp and emboss a design using clear embossing ink and powder;  stamp and emboss a design using colored powders; stamp a design using colored inks and leave it at that. 

I chose to stamp and emboss with clear ink and powder.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 004

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 005

5.  Now color the rest of the arch using whatever means you would like....spray inks or dyes; ink and ink blending tool; chalks; etc.  Totally up to you!

I sprayed a layer of Cherry Blossom Walnut Stain then topped it with a misting of Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 006

6. If you embossed your design you can leave it as is or iron the embossing powders off on scrap paper.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 007

7. Embellish as desired! 

The Perfect Pearls makes taking photos a bit of a challenge but you get the idea.

Mom Gothic Arch - #9 Mom Defined 009



  1. Oh this is a fun one Roni! I love how it turned out!

    Elaine Allen

  2. This looks great too, I must get with the program, I'm still on the cardboard :)

  3. Another splendid project! Off to the dictionary I go.

  4. Did I say that I had a favorite arch the other day?? Ok well this one is my favorite too! Hey, a girl can't have too many favorites in her life!! Can they?


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