Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #6 Packing Tape Transfers

We're about 2/3rds of the way done!  Just a few more and our Gothic Arch pages will be ready for Mom...  I think we'll even make it in time for Moms Day in the UK (4-3-11)!!!

I have had requests for this technique in the past few months so I figured I'd incorporate it into our Arches....

Packing Tape Transfers

I know many of you already know how to do this but if you don't follow the steps carefully it can be frustrating.  I had you gather magazine images because for whatever reason magazine paper works best with this technique.  You can use other images but remember you will have more of a job removing the backing papers.


Packing Tape
Magazine Photos
Pattern Paper, Cardstock or Ephemera


1. Cut and trim magazine photos.

2. Place each photo on a piece of clear packing tape. 

3. Burnish (rub) the back of the image with a bone folder, spoon, brayer, etc.  to ensure the image is completely stuck down to the packing tape.  If you have air bubbles those areas of the image will not transfer to the tape!

Since we're using multiple images I hung my burnished photos to my work table....

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 001

4. Place your image face down on your work space.  Spritz the back of the image with want enough water to saturate the paper.  Let the water set a few seconds to soak in. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 004

Since we're working with several images for this project I like to wet multiple images at once so they really have a chance to soak up the water and soften the paper.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 008

5. With your finger begin at a corner and start rolling the layers of paper from the packing tape.  You will immediately see the image which has been left behind on the packing tape.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 005

6. Continue peeling away the paper until it has all been removed.  If your photo dries out or you didn't use enough water at the beginning you may need to add more.

7.  When all of the paper has been removed, pat the image dry to remove the excess water.  Set the image aside to dry completely.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 006

and here is how my image looks with the paper removed.  You will notice there are areas that have less color than others... no worries...this is where I got a little agressive peeling away the paper.  I ended up taking a bit of the image as well which can happen.  I think it just adds character to the finial image.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 007

and here are all of my images drying...

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 009

8. Trim each image cutting away the excess packing tape.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 010

9. Glue each image down one by one to your cardstock/pattern paper/ephemera.  I am using some vintage sheet music for this example. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 011

10. Trace your Gothic Arch template onto the paper and cut.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 012

11. Add your saying and embellish as desired!

Here is my finished Packing Tape Gothic Arch!

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Packing Tape Transfer 014

So there you go...
one more down...4 to go!

How are you coming on your books? 
Are you having fun?
I sure hope so :)


  1. I've always loved this technique. It adds a cool factor to your projects. Glad you used it.Thanks I'm having a great time doing the book.

  2. Love this technique. It's been awhile since I've used it. Can't keep up with you, dang it!! "Life" keeps getting in the way of creativity. :( I sent you an email with a question or two. Now I have another one - my pages are "buckling up" in the middle. So, when I finish all of them, should I just weigh them down with something heavy for a while?

  3. Thanks for the new 'page' :) I just posted the last two. I really appreciate all the work you are doing!

  4. I am having lots of fun. Love this technique! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Roni -

    What a beautiful page! Love how the transfers look.

    Elaine Allen

  6. Mad cool!! Can't wait to try this technique.

  7. I've always loved the effect this technique produces, and it looks marvelous on your arch. I love how you've used the photo turns for your "shingles" - a great idea! These are such beautiful pages you are creating.

  8. I am feverishly attempting to keep the pace, but alas I am falling behind. I am loving all these great techniques - some I have tried in the past and some I have not. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  9. Roni... you never disappoint... thank you so much with sharing your techniques.... gotta try this tonight !!!


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