Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #5 Paint Scrapings

I am so excited about today's technique...it is so much fun and the outcome is always a surprise.  No matter how many times I work with this technique I am never disappointed...the results look like you spent hours to achieve "the look" but in reality it takes only minutes!

Paint Scrapings


Acrylic Paint (2 colors + white)
Gift Card
Paper (pattern paper or ephemera)
Rubber Stamp
Foam Stamp
Collage Image (if desired)


1. Glue your pattern paper or ephemera to a medium to heavy weight piece of chipboard.  Make sure there are no air bubbles and the paper is glued completely to the chipboard.  We want to keep the buckling to a minimum on this technique.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 001

2. Gather your paints...I am using 2 different colors of blue plus white.  You will also need a gift card or something similar to do your scraping with.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 003

3. Squeeze a small bit of your darkest color of paint along one edge of your gift card as shown.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 004

Starting at the top of your paper pull the gift card along the entire length scraping the paint onto the paper as you go.   You will want to do this in one fluid motion.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 005

4. Repeat using the lighter color of paint...

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 006

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 007

5. And finally scrape on a bit of white paint...

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 009

6. Now so you know where you'll be working, trace your Gothic Arch template onto the desired portion of your painted chipboard.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 010

7. Determine placement of your main image(s) and trace around them with a pencil.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 012

8. To add interest to the background we're going to stamp a basic shape along one side of your arch using a foam stamp and acrylic paint.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 013

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 014

9. Next I wanted to add a bit of contrast so I stamped this great "alphabet soup" (Just For Fun Rubber Stamps) with a bit of Distress Ink.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 015

10. You may be thinking that your images are going to get lost in all this paint and ink...no worries ~ got that covered.  We're going to add "halos" to our images.  Remember those outlines we made for placement...here's where they come into play. 

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 016

You're going to use a stencil brush to dry brush (use just a tiny bit of paint on your brush) on a bit of white paint over and around those pencil marks.  I swirled the paint onto the paper for the woman image....

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 018

and I made flicks along the edges of the bird...  To show you just a couple ways to add highlights to your image.

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 019

 11.  It's time to glue your images and sentiment down and add whatever embellishments you would like.

Here is how my Paint Scraped Arch turned out!

Mom Gothic Arch - #4 - Paint Scrapings 022

Pretty amazing isn't it?

I just LOVE this technique and you'd be surprised at how changing the color of paint will effect the looks of it.  I hope you give this a try and play with it a bit.  I'm sure you'll have so much fun you won't be able to stop at just one ;)

Tomorrow we'll need the magazine photos and packing tape so if you haven't gathered them already now's the time!


  1. I love learning new techniques and look forward to your tutorials. A huge "THANK YOU" for all the time you give in sharing your art with others.

    I may not have commented at the time, but your art charms are the best! I so enjoyed seeing your fabulous creations.

  2. You just amaze me! This is gorgeous!

  3. This technique is so cool. Can't wait to do this on my arches. Thanks

  4. Love this technique and love the way your arch turned out! Thanks for showing.

  5. I really like that "halo" technique. That's got lots of things spinning in my head. Thanks for sharing, Roni -- I never miss a day visiting your site!

  6. Hi Roni: This is a fabulous technique. I love the "weathered" wood texture this paint treament gives a sheet of ruled paper. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. You are the best. Happy Spring and Birds Who Sing...

  7. Cool! Thank you!

    I'm actually staring at your art thinking about how beautiful it'll be as a background for my winter solstice cards this year ... sure hope I remember!

  8. I really like this ! Thanks Roni!

  9. Love it..thx for giving me so many ideas!

  10. This really is yet another fantastic technique - thanks for sharing!

  11. Awesome!!! I'm getting behind on mine, need to catch up this weekend!!!

  12. Gorgeous piece!!! Love seeing the step outs!!!

  13. I agree this technique is so much fun and always looks different.
    I just tried teal, orange and yellow and they look amazing. Thanks for sharing with us Roni.

  14. So far, this one is my favourite in your gothic arch pages series! Looks wonderful!



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