Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #3 Layered Ephemera - Pt. II

O.k... time to finish up the Layered Ephemera Technique we started yesterday!

If you recall we glued lots and lots of different ephemera together yesterday and left it to dry.  Well now it's time to cut your Gothic Arch from your layers!

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 001

I *thought* I would use my old fashion guillotine cutter to trim away the excess but it was WAY too thick (remember I told you I got carried away with my layers).  Sooo I ended up cutting it with a utility knife.  I had to go back over the original cut lines several times to get through all of my layers.  If you are unsure about using the knife you can use a metal ruler for a straight edge...it will keep your knife along the cut line until you work your knife down a bit.

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 002

After I finally freed my Gothic Arch from the rest of the paper I realized why I couldn't cut it as I had planned.  My pile ended up being about 3/8" thick!! 

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 003

Well, needless to say that's a LOT!  Since I don't need nearly that much for this project I decided to cut my slab of ephemera in half with my utility knife.  The center wasn't quite dry which made cutting really easy.  I basically just stuck my knife in and peeled the two halves apart.

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 006

Now I have one to play with today and another Gothic Arch for a future project!

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 007

It's time to play!  You're going to use a variety of tools to distress your Layered Ephemera Gothic Arch.  I am using my utility knife, a paper piercer, a dab of water and my hands....

I like to start off by carving away several layers of ephemera around the edges ~

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 008

You can tear away layers....

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 010

I like to use my paper piercer to dig holes or add scratches into some of the layers....

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 012

To get rid of some of the sharp knife marks I like to dip my finger into water and roll the edges of the paper back...

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 011

and to expose other layers....

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 013

Giving you a more distressed and worn vintage feel.

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 014

You can keep going until you're satisfied with how your Gothic Arch looks.

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 015

This is where my original tutorial left off.  I don't like to dictate how to finish off some techniques because sometimes when people learn a technique one way that's the only way they use it.  By not completely finishing it off it allows you to use your imagination for what comes next.    You could use paints, inks, dye spray, or any other medium you can think of to finish this off. 

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 017

Today I am going to be finishing my Layered Ephemera Gothic Arch with a combination of dye inks, acrylic paints

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 018

and just a dab of gesso....

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 019

Of course you can add your sentiment and whatever other embellishments you'd like.

And here is mine ~

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 021

Mom Gothic Arch - Layers - Pt 2 024

So what do you think?

Fun huh?

I absolutely love this technique...
both parts
(assembling the layers and cutting them away)
are so much fun in their own individual ways. 

I hope you give it a try
and remember,
you're more than welcome to share your results if you'd like!


  1. This turned out fantastic. I want to do all of the pages but haven't had the chance yet. I need to carve some time and get going so I don't get too far behind. I have a little something for you on my blog. Please go check it out.

  2. I love the way this turns out. Hoping to get my layers together tonight!

  3. I;ve never tried this technique before. I think I need to do so.

  4. Thank you for a brilliant tutorial. I really need to try this. Annette x

  5. I think this is beyond amazing. The "journey" of the layering process is amazing. And then to layer back to reveal bits and pieces...whew! Your attention to detail has really made this piece. Thank you for sharing as you always so generously do.

  6. Brilliant! That is really beautiful!

  7. Roni you are the best.
    I have learned so much visiting you and keep coming back for more.
    I have to try this layered technique, this is right up my alley.
    Thank you so much

  8. I have just stuck all my layers down. You are so right so much fun and I had a hard time stopping. Some of my epherema was thick, game cards etc. I can't wait to let it dry and have fun digging.
    The first two are almost done. I almost feel like I cheated a little with the inchies as I had just brought Tim's Crowded Attic paper so cut up the twinchie size papers.This is one fun challenge.

  9. Another marvelous arch!

  10. Great information !
    Thank you so much for sharing it. that's amazing!
    Utility Knife

  11. so funny.......... I'll try this technique.
    Thank you

  12. Wow! I was ready to have you leave the arch unadorned - way too cool!

  13. I've loved this technique from the moment you first posted it. Your gothic arch page turned out fantastic!


  14. Love it! I got a little behind and just got back to your blog today to play catch up. Speaking of "play" - I'm heading to my craft room now.Gonna go play in some paper and glue. :)

  15. Awesome technique... now I can get rid of a bunch of scraps that I have been hoarding !!! Thank you Roni !!!

  16. So glad I saw a post about you on the Scrapbook News and Review forum! My mind is mentally surveying my home for ephemera right now! Soooo going to play with this technique! Thank you!

  17. Oh how cool!!!! I was wondering why you were burying all that great ephemera! lol!

  18. I attempted to use your technique...its no where near as good as yours but thanks for the inspiration!


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