Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #2 Inchie Collage

Did you guess what we were going to be working with today from my little hint on yesterday's post?!?!?

Well if you guessed inchies you were correct!!

These tiny bits of art are so much fun and make a GREAT collage when used on any project...card, Gothic Arch, scrapbook page, etc.  LOADS of fun and very easy to make.


Cardstock (for the collage base)
Scraps of paper
Bits of Ephemera
1" Square Punch or Paper Trimmer
Mini Collage Images
Rubber Stamps (Ink Stained Roni stamps @ Queen Kat Designs)
White Glue
Embellishments ~ brads, faux gemstones, Stickles Glitter Glue or plain glitter, etc.


1. Decide on a color theme for your collage.  I am going to be working with pinks, purples with a bit of green tossed in for good measure.  Now sort through your paper scraps and find papers that fit your color scheme.  You can use pattern papers, plain cardstock, bits left over from techniques, etc.  Cut these pieces into 1" squares.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 001

2. (optional) Gather bits of ephemera that work with your color palette.  Cut those into 1" squares as well.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 003

3. (optional) If desired, print & cut out several mini collage images.  Glue these tiny images to a few of the squares you already cut.

NOTE: the bingo chip is just there to show size.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 005

4. Now stamp some of the inchies with various images that will fit your theme. I know you might not have stamps that small but bits of the image works just great!

NOTE: Be sure to use inks that match your colors. 

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 006

5. Cut a piece of cardstock a touch larger than your Gothic Arch Template.  I would say about 1/2" on all sides would be perfect.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 007

If it helps, give yourself a basic outline on where the 1/2" extra is for a basic guideline.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 008

6. Now begin gluing each inchie to your cardstock base using white glue.  Be sure that the glue covers the entire back of the inchie.  This is important because when we go to cut the arch out some inchies may get cut in half.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 009

7. Continue layering inchies until your cardstock base has been covered. 

NOTE: I staggered my inchies back and forth but you could also line them up in straight lines, diagonally, etc.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 010

8. Trace your Gothic Arch pattern onto the inchie collage and cut out.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 011

9. (optional) Ink the edges of the Arch with black ink.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 012

10. (optional) If desired, further embellish your collage by adding brads, buttons, beads, faux gemstones, etc.  You could also add glitter or Stickles here and there for added pop!

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 013

11. Add your sentiment.

And here is my finished Inchie Collage....

Mom Gothic Arch Book #2 - Inchie Collage 015

2 down...8 to go!!

We'll start on #3 the beginning of next week so you can get caught up on the first two Arches. 

I also have an assignment for you so you will be prepared next week. 
I want you to gather lots and lots of ephemera. 
(note: Ephemera is basically trash...bits and pieces of paper from your daily life that once had a specific purpose but is no longer necessary or useful.) 
We'll be using it in our next Arch!

I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of Marches Get Inked Kit....
I am SOOOOOOO excited about these stamps ~ I can't wait to share them with you :)

See you then!


  1. Hi! My charms arrived today and oh are they sweet! TY so much Roni for hosting this and for you charm...luv luv copper! Also a big thanks to Mindy, Diane Keyser, Anne Thompson and Neil in England! these are priceless! ty ty ty

    xo cher

  2. Love the look of your inchies! That is gorgeous!

  3. I just finished my first page and tomorrow I'll start the second. I was was working on my 'house' book and wondering how to finish it and along came your Gothic Arch posts--just in time :) thanks so much!

  4. Oh, I love the "inchies" look of today's post!! I have one question tho. Is the black background that the page is laying on part of the book? I thought I was following along pretty good, but then I noticed this. Is it one of the backs/fronts or just another piece you've made to show how cool your pages look? And they look COOL, btw!

    Thanks, I don't want to forget any part of this process!

    Carol in Oregon

  5. Amazing! Not just your creation, but yesterday I got my charms in the mail! I just love them! There are a bunch of talented people who follow your blog, Roni! Thank you everyone!


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