Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mom Gothic Arch - #1 Segmented Collage

Today we're going to begin our Mom Gothic Arches...I'm calling it Mom's but of course you can make it for anyone who needs a lift.  I am going to try and list items in general terms but I will also list specific products I use for those of you who are interested.

Mom Gothic Arch #1
Segmented Collage


Gothic Arch Template
Light-Medium Weight Chipboard
Specialty Papers, Ephemera, Printed Paper, etc.
White Glue (use your favorite)
Dye Ink (spray, re-inkers, or pads)
Archival or Permanent Ink
Rubber Stamps
Collage (digitalcollagesheets.com), Photo or Stamped Main Image
Embellishments (Antique Gold Flitter Flakes; Stickles Glitter Glue; Dresden Trim; etc.)


1. Gather an assortment of scrap specialty papers, ephemera, or other papers you especially like.  For this collage I am sticking with 2 colors (green & blue) plus a few metallics.  I am also using some fun papers I got from PaperArts.com as well as some of my favorite bits of ephemera...old book pages, vintage sheet music, and bits from an old map.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 002

2. Tear the papers into approx. 1" strips...since we're working with a small area you won't need too many strips.

3. If desired, dye the ephemera to match your color scheme.  I am using Tsukineko's Willow and Cornflower Walnut Ink Sprays.   I really like these inks because they dry with a little tinge of brown along the edges of your colors.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 003

4. I realize that some of your specialty papers will be too lumpy and bumpy to create a good stamped image.  Sort those papers out and set them aside.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 005

Now, stamp desired images on the remaining scraps of paper.  I like to use a variety of ink colors for interest.  The stamps I used for this collage are my new Steampunk stamps from the March Get Inked kit as well as some funky retro shape images from Judikins.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 004

5. We're ready to begin the collage.  We'll be working in small sections as the white glue tends to dry quickly.  Spread the white glue along the top portion of your chipboard.  I like to use old gift cards to spread the glue out...it works like a charm and you can cover a large area at one time.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 006

6. Lay the first strip of paper in the glue making sure that it hangs over the edge so the entire piece of chipboard is covered.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 007

7. Continue alternating between steps 5 and 6 building your collage with each layer until you have enough of the collage completed for your particular Gothic Arch.  Let the glue dry completely before moving on.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 008

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 009

8. Trace your Gothic Arch onto your layered collage and cut it out.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 010

9. Apply black (or other desired color) ink to the edges of your arch.  This gives your arch a finished look.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 011

10. (optional) If desired, highlight the layers by applying Stickles Glitter Glue, Distress Stickles, Glitter, Mica or similar medium to the edges.  I am using a product called Antique Gold "Flitter" from Meyers Imports. I'm not exactly sure what it is made of but it has the look of mica flakes but is lighter and easier to control taking less adhesive than mica would.  I think it is a happy medium between mica flakes and a large flake glitter. 

I simply applied a broken line of white glue to each layer, dumped a pile of the Flitter on my arch to coat the glue.  Shake off excess and return it to your bottle.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 012

It yields a beautiful antique sparkle!

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 014

11. Embellish your arch as desired.  I next added a bit of Dresden Trim to the upper and lower edges.  In place of the Dresden Trim you could use a paper punched boarder, fibers, ribbon, fabric trim, border stickers, etc.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 015

12. Stamp flourish or other desired image in a couple spots...  I also added a few dots of Lime Green and True Blue Stickles Glitter Glue to my flourishes.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 016

13. Add a bit of mesh, burlap, or other textured material for contrast and to help seperate your main image from the background.

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 017

14. Tear the edges of your photo and apply desired color(s) of ink to the torn edges. 

NOTE: Most of the main images I will be using come from digitalcollagesheets.com.  They have an amazing array of images to choose from including several free sheets for you to try. 

15. Mount the main image to your collage; add your "life lesson" and finish embellishing as desired.

And here is my finished Arch....

Mom Gothic Arch Book #1 - Segmented Collage 018

So there you go...
Arch #1 Finished!

See I told you this would be easy ;)
Remember, if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them for you...all you have to do is ask.

Tomorrow we'll continue with another Arch an "Inch" at a time....


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