Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Find @ Joanns - Sheet of Pearls!

Have you ever noticed you find the greatest things when you aren't even looking?  The last time Mom and I went to JoAnn's we were wandering around the wedding/baby/cake area.  We were trying to get a feel for the baby things since we are going to have a shower for Amber in May.  While we were looking we found these awesome sheets of sticky back pearls (4 x 6").   I believe they also had faux gemstones as well.  They were 9.99 a sheet ~ I know sounds really expensive but there are several rows and with a 40% off coupon it wasn't too bad at all when you compare them to scrapbooking/stamping pearls.

Sheet of Pearls 003

Sheet of Pearls 002

I think they are meant to be wrapped around votives or pillar candles but I thought they'd be awesome to cut them apart to use on whatever.   The sticky part around the pearls is semi-transparent with extra fine glitter on the areas not covered by the pearls.  A very cool look if you ask me.  Anyway as you can see I already cut several rows off which you'll see a bit later on today's Gothic Arch :)


  1. What a great find! I'm going to have to check that out. Did you say it was the baby aisle? I didn't know Joannes had a baby aisle. Did you mean the wedding aisle?

  2. This is why I walk through EVERY aisle at a craft store! Esp. Joannes since there are little clearance areas in different sections..at least at my store! I can think of a hundred ways to use these little babies!


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