Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glass Glitter Charm

Today I have a fun and easy glass glitter charm for you to try!

I love glass glitter but sometimes I don't like the sharp edges when working with charms so I decided to encase it in Glossy Accents!


Glass Glitter
Glossy Accents
Collage Image
Charm base (pendant, spoon, etc.)


1. Fill the bottom of your charm base with Glossy Accents.

Glass Glitter Charm 003

2. Sprinkle the Glass Glitter over the Glossy Accents. 

Glass Glitter Charm 005

3. Shake off excess Glass Glitter and reserve for another day.  Let the Glossy Accent/Glass Glitter dry completely.

Glass Glitter Charm 006

4. Add desired collage image and any desired embellishments.

5. Fill the pendant the rest of the way with Glossy Accents making sure to cover your image and embellishments completely.  This will seal all of the glitter and other goodies.  Let the charm dry.

Glass Glitter Charm 008

And here is how it turns out!  (I had trouble getting a good image...between the glitter and GA the auto focus was going nuts.)

Glass Glitter Charm 012

Here is another example...a spoon charm ~

Glass Glitter Charm 010

Glass Glitter Charm 011

(not quite dry yet but you get the idea...)

Glass Glitter Charm 013

Glass Glitter Charm 014

Have a great day!!


  1. Roni -

    What a great idea! I love glitter, but I hate that it flakes off on things afterwards. This will also take care of that issue. Really love how these charms turned out. So cute!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Those are both awesome! Great tip for controlling that glitter! Look out spoons, here I come!

  3. Great ideas Roni! Love the spoon charm, I need to bend some handles! Judith xx

  4. Absolutely love them! I'd love to try this out myself one day! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. The spoon charm is a neat idea, I love your charms, now making more of my own for my projects, thanks for sharing!

  6. That spoon charm is soooo cool! I'll be "borrowing" that idea. Thanks

  7. Really, really love the spoon charm! I'm afraid I just may play copy-cat on that one too! You are so clever!

  8. These are adorable and I just love that spoon one!

  9. You have the most fabulous ideas and techniques. Love the spoons! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you...

  10. I love the glass glitter !! Can it be dyed with alcohol ink. I have clear glass glitter left over from holiday ornaments...will that work too.

  11. Using a spoon is really inspired! I love it --- think I'll have to add one to my charm necklace

  12. Really fun charms, Roni!

  13. These are so, SO cool! Thank you for the instructions!

  14. Awesome I'm lovin the spoon charm such a neat idea :)
    Thanks for more great inspitation
    Von x


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