Monday, March 7, 2011

Charm Swap In The MAIL!!!!

Woo Hooo!!!

I worked over time on this sucker and all of the charms have been sorted, bagged up and wrapped.  Each package of charms has been tucked neatly into their envelopes and posted!  They are now sitting at my post box ready to be whisked away to their respective destinations!

Some people will find a stamp or two as change while others will find smaller denominations in coin.   I have a couple e-mails to send to people for $'s but other than that the first Ink Stained Altered Charm Swap is history!

Many, many people have e-mailed asking to see the charms so I'm going to take photos this morning and post them all this afternoon!    Of course you won't know which charms you're getting in your assortment...and I don't remember so it will still be a surprise even if you check them out today :)

I hope everyone enjoys the results and plans to play again later this year.
I'm thinkin' around mid-late summer.

Thanks to all you "Charming" Swappers who played along!! 


  1. That is so exciting, I am so looking forward to receiving them! Thank you for hosting this and giving us the opportunity to participate in it. Can't wait to see the photo's later!

  2. Thank you again, Roni, for hosting this event and everything you did to make this happen. I am so excited about receiving my package! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of what everyone else made for the swap. Anne, yourmainestamper

  3. Looking forward to receiving my parcel, I have a bit longer than some, being in the UK, but nonetheless, the wait will be worth it! Thank you so much Roni for organising this swap. I look forward to the next one! Judith xx

  4. Thank you so much for all the effort you put in to this. I can't wait to receive mine!

  5. can't wait Thanks Roni for doing this, it has been so much fun.

  6. You are awesome Roni - I cannot wait until the next one.

  7. oohhhhh, can't wait to get them.
    the ones you have already shown us were fabulous!

  8. can't wait roni!!! yippee..loves ya


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