Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Altered Charm Pin Winners!!

I know it's March 1st and everyone is expecting the monthly observances and holiday post but I am trying to catch up on everything after the mixed up month of February I had so I wanted to first let a few folks know that their prizes they won in Feb. are going out today...

I also have the winners of the two Altered Charm Pins I made using a few of the charms I shared with you over the past month.

Those winners are (as drawn by random.org).....

Marva said...

Okay, I have a link on my sidebar to your blog and I may do a post for you as well...

February 8, 2011 9:47 AM



Elaine A said...

Roni -

I'd love to see you do something with vintage medals. I have lots of old medals that belonged to my husband's grandfather and Dad from The Spanish American War and WWII. I also have a few medals from his grandfather from when he worked in the NY City Subway system back in the early 1900's. Right now they are sitting in a box, but I'd love to do something with them besides put them in a shadow box.

Elaine Allen

February 8, 2011 12:53 PM

Please send me your snail mail addies so I can get your pins in the mail :)


  1. Congratulations you lucky ladies !!

  2. Congratulations on winning such fabulous charms!

  3. Um, Hi Roni -

    I guess I got so excited I forgot to post and thank you - LOL! I can't believe I won one of those gorgeous charm pins! Thank you so much!

    Elaine Allen
    I sent you my home info yesterday from my office email.

  4. Oh awesome awesome awesome!!!! I'm doing the happy dance!!!


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