Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Valentine #3

As promised today's Vintage Valentine incorporates a bit of the Gathered Crepe Paper Garland that I shared with you yesterday.  But instead of just sticking it on the card I thought it would be fun to make a removable little plaque that the recipient could remove from the card and hang up!  A card and a gift in one :)

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 008


Gathered Crepe Paper Garland
Vintage Collage Image (or stamped image)
Metallic Tinsel Stem
Distress Inks
Ink Blending Tool
Vintage Sheet Music or Pattern Paper
Stamps (all Just For Fun Rubber Stamps)


1. Mount your vintage collage image or stamped image onto a piece of medium to heavy weight chipboard.

2. Flip the image over and apply a bit of glue to all edges of the chipboard.  Adhere the Gathered Crepe Paper Garland to the image as shown.

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 009

Here is what it looks like so far...

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 010

3. Now we're going to dress it up a bit by gluing a piece of wired metallic tinsel stem (aka - foil pipe cleaner) to frame the image.  You'll need to rough form it then glue it down.  You may need to weight it down while the glue dries...I did.  I used a stamping block to hold it in place.  Let the glue dry completely.

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 001

4. Cut a second piece of chipboard roughly the same size as the image.  Add 2 eyelets and stamp desired sentiment and images on the chipboard.

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 002

5. Thread a ribbon through the eyelets to create a hanger for the plaque.  Glue this piece to the back side of the plaque.

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 003

and here's the finished plaque....

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 004

6. Now to create the card, stamp leafy vines around the edges.  To create a more realistic look I like to stamp the initial vines with full strength ink then I go back and stamp the vines without anymore ink.  The multiple generations of images will get lighter and lighter making them look further back in the distance.  It's amazing what a difference it makes to the finished card.

 Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 005

close up...

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 006

7. Now add a strip of vintage sheet music or pattern paper along the bottom. 

8. Ink all of the edges to help promote that vintage feel.  I have used a combination of Vintage Photo and Walnut Stain to this card.

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 007

9. Tuck the ribbon behind the plaque and affix it to the card using a removable adhesive. 

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 011

10. Stamp the sentiment on a piece of scrap cardstock and ink it up as desired.  To affix it to the card add a piece of double stick foam to the right hand side of the sentiment.  This will allow you to stick it to the card over the plaque but won't harm the plaque in any way.

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 012

Your card/gift is ready to be given :)
Be sure to add a little note in the card that the plaque is removable.

Vintage Valentine #3 - Valentine Plaque Card 013

Tomorrow is Just For Fun Friday
I'll also have a few more ideas on how to dress up the Gathered Crepe Paper Garland
so be sure to stop back and check it all out :)


  1. the vintage crepe looks great on your card. The double stamping idea for the background is fantastic - 2 great ideas for the price of one!!!

  2. Roni -

    I swear, this card looks like it could have come from Great-grandma's trunk! I can't believe how old this looks! What an awesome job you've done. I love this!

    Elaine Allen

  3. this is great! I love your stamping!

  4. Sweet! I love the crepe paper and the silver tinsel. Looks so vintage! :)

  5. Very cute! Love the idea of a card that can be a hanging also.

  6. Hi Roni

    I love this idea with the crepe paper!

  7. Love it Roni, simple and yet so vintage looking> I know a class of Pre-K could make this in it's simplest form. Thankls for the idea!

  8. Another beauty, i love the ruffled crepe paper :D

  9. I love this one, the crepe paper is so "vintage"...thankyou for sharing.
    Kind Regards

  10. This I will have to try - it is amazing! Thanks for the instructions.

  11. So cute! I am desperately trying to find some vintage v-day postcards and emphera that I have. Going to spend the weekend hunting!

  12. This is simply FABULOUS--vintage, gorgeous, the way a Valentine should be. I am awestruck and going shopping for crepe paper :). And I adore the stamped off images---one of my fave techniques. TFS Paula

  13. What a great project and tutorial. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. The vintage crepe card/gift plaque is nifty!! Love the look and thanks for the tutorial! I'm thinking I'm going to have to make one of these.

  15. Oh this is so awesome! You are soooo talented!!! Where did you get the vine leaves stamp?

  16. Oh I just found the JFF rubber stamps!!!! They have a lot of awesome stamps!!!


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