Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ranger Tech. Calendar - November - Inkssentials White Pigment Pen

Today's technique is my version of Robin Beam's Bandanna Technique.  She very artfully welds the white pigment pen to add nifty little bandanna style doodles to virtually any image making them look great. 

Well, I'm not so good at doodles...I really stress out over it.  I just do not know what to draw soooo here is my solution....I simply outline everything and add little dots or lines to fill in parts of the image.  This is the Bandanna Technique Light  or the No-Brainer version ;)  LOL!!!

No Brainer Bandanna Technique

Ranger Tech Calendar - November - White Pigment Pen 002


Adirondack Color Wash - Ranger
Inkssentials White Pigment Pen - Ranger
Archival Ink - Ranger
Cardstock - Georgia Pacific
Stamp - Stampin Up
Printed Calendar Page


1. Ink up your cardstock using various colors of Color Wash Spray.  I am using Sunset Orange, Butterscotch, and Cranberry.   Let the cardstock dry completely.

Note:  You can see in the background I ink up tags with the excess Color Wash.  They are great to have on hand to add to gifts, write little notes on to tuck into packages, etc.  No waste :)

Ranger Tech Calendar - November - White Pigment Pen 003

2. Stamp desired image(s) using Archival Ink.  Let the ink dry completely ~ If the ink isn't dry the pen WILL NOT work... It must be used on completely dry cardstock.

Ranger Tech Calendar - November - White Pigment Pen 004

3. This is the time consuming part...simply outline each and every bit of the image.  I know it sounds like a pain but it's so worth it.  As you can see I've added a few dots here and there but for the most part it's all outlines!

Ranger Tech Calendar - November - White Pigment Pen 005

And here is what it looks like after I've outlined everything....

Ranger Tech Calendar - November - White Pigment Pen 006

Cool huh?

And here is my finished November calendar page....

Ranger Tech Calendar - November - White Pigment Pen 007

Told you it was easy and stress-free too ;)
If you were afraid to try the Bandanna Technique before I promise this is way easier and is a snap!


  1. Roni -

    GORGEOUS!! I can't get over what an impact the Inkssential White pen makes! I'm so glad I'm not the only out there who really stinks at doodling - LOL! I love the look of zentangles, really do. But each time I've tried it, I spend so much time deciding what to put in each segement that it takes me forever to finish a piece. And they say its supposed to help relieve stress - NOT! But I really love this idea. You've done an awesome job with November.

    Elaine Allen

  2. That is really beautiful!! I need to try it!

  3. Terrific tip, thank you. Annette x

  4. Unbelievable! I'm a non-doodler too, looks wicked dumb when I do it. This is so pretty! Love it!

  5. Great idea! I love it and will be giving it a whirl!...Thank you for sharing your techniques.

  6. I have always liked this technique but often have trouble getting a nice smooth line with the Inkssentials pen. It often skips or looks like I have a "double line" or outline look. I have bought quite a few of these pens and always seem to have the same problem so I am thinking it is in the way I use them -- too heavy, too light, etc. Any suggestions??

  7. Beautiful! That white accent really makes it pop. I love the no-brainer element. Always a plus :-)


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