Monday, January 10, 2011

Ranger Tech. Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls

Did you know that Liquid Pearls can be used for a resist technique? 
Well it can and you don't loose one bit of the color or pearly brilliance!

Liquid Pearl Resist

I am going to be showing you how to create a Stamped Resist using Liquid Pearls but this basic idea works just as well if you paint, scribble or simply smear the Liquid Pearls on your paper.  It will resist all dye inks no matter what technique you use to apply the LP's!

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 001


Liquid Pearls - Ranger
Distress or Adirondack Dye Inks - Ranger
Ink Blending Tool - Ranger
Non-Stick Craft Sheet - Ranger
Scrapper - Ranger
Archival Ink - Ranger
Rubber Stamps (tulips - Darkroom Door)
Cardstock - Georgia Pacific
Printed Calendar Page


1. Since Liquid Pearls come in a bottle we'll need to make an "ink pad" on the Non-Stick Craft Mat.  Squirt desired color(s) of Liquid Pearls on the craft mat in the approximate areas needed. For example I am using tulip stamps so I added the two colors of pink/red in the general area of the flower head and a long strip of green for the stem/leaves.  I smoothed out the LP's with my finger once they were on the sheet.

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 002

2. Press the stamp into the LP's and stamp on the cardstock.

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 006

3. Since the LP's dry fairly quick you may need to add more LP's to your craft sheet as needed to finish stamping your cardstock.

Here is what it looks like at this point...

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 007

4. After you have stamped all of your images, wash the stamps immediately with warm soapy water to remove the Liquid Pearls.

5. Use the scraper to remove excess LP's from your craft sheet.

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 010

6. (optional) Since some areas of my stamps are open I used the Liquid Pearls and a paint brush to fill in the open areas. I also fixed a few imperfect areas as well.  Let the LP's dry completely.

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 008

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 009

7. After the LP's have dried it's time to apply the dye inks.  I am using both Distress Ink and Adirondack Dye Ink to demonstrate how great they work with the LP's.   I applied both inks with the Ink Blending Tool.

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 011

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 012

8. Wipe away any excess ink from the Liquid Pearl images with a dry cloth.  And you're done!

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 013

This is a wonderful resist technique because the Liquid Pearls are so very vibrant. 
The dye inks simply make the LP's jump right off the page.

Here is my finished calendar page...

Ranger Technique Calendar - May - Liquid Pearls 015

Keep in mind that Dimensional Pearls will work with this technique as well!!
Now it's your turn!


  1. Well, I never knew that! Fantastic tutorial, thank you for sharing. Your page looks great!

  2. Well that was a great little tutorial...thanks a lot!!

  3. Hi Roni -

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I didn't know you could use Liquid Pearls as a resist. And your background is just gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant - love that!

    Elaine Allen

  4. I am learning new things each day. I will have to get some more colours of LP. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How cool! I've never used any liquid pearls. I guess it's 'bout time I did! That is just gorgeous!

  6. Knock it out of the ball park girly! Wow!

  7. thanks for sharing.
    Are the pearls acrylic paint?

  8. I loooove this technique!!!!! (hunting on the shelf for my LP's!!

  9. Oh My!! That is simply beautiful!! I haven't used LPs yet but after seeing this tutorial and fantastic page, I'm ready to find some.

  10. What a great technique! I didn't know LPs could be used as a resist, thank you, & the calendar is looking fab :)

  11. Wow! This is beautiful. Am excited to try this.

    Just finished the first three months - take a look at my blog when you have a chance!

  12. Lovely!! I am not familiar with using Liquid Pearls except for things like dots (for flower centers etc,) so this is a new technique for me!

  13. OMG, i never tot of stamping with liquid pearls and loving this project! Thanks so much for sharing, Roni!

  14. Gorgeous - these flowers just pop right off the page!

  15. How gorgeous.... I just love this technique... thank you for sharing...

    Jenny x

  16. Thanks for sharing. This isa wonderful technique and I can't wait to try it!!!

  17. Great technique. Haven't seen LP used this way before. Looks great - really vibrant.


  18. Your tutorials are all fabulous and the photos are very helpful. Thank you! Pls keep going and share more with us! :)


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