Saturday, January 29, 2011

Possible Swap Idea....Charm Swap?!?!?

Hi All...

You might have noticed the new poll in the right hand column...I have had an idea I wanted to host another swap here at Ink Stains for a while now but the timing was never quite right.

Now that we have ALL the major holiday stuff out of the way and it's so snowy and cold I thought it might be a fun time to stay inside and play with charms.  I have acquired a nice supply of charm pins that would be perfect to hang all sorts of charms from.  Red Lead PaperWorks calls them Chotski Pins but I've also seen them called just plain old charm pins or Art Pins.  Whatever you want to call them I think they would be really fun to add our altered charms to!

Here is what I had in mind...

(NOTE: This isn't the thread to sign up for this along with more details will be posted in another thread.  I just wanted to make sure there was interest in the swap.)

It would be a make 5 charms (the same or similar) and get 4 different charms back.  You would not get your own back so be sure to make an extra to keep for yourself.  I would keep the extra charm but in exchange for that charm I would in turn send you a 5 loop charm pin for you to hang your new charms from! 

How does that sound? 

Would it be something you are interested in participating in? 

I'm thinking about a late Feb. due date if there is enough interest.

Please vote and/or post a comment here or feel free to e-mail me if you have comments or suggestions.

Lots of people have asked for examples of charms so here goes....

If you have a copy of my book  ~ Teach Yourself Visually Collage & Altered Arts there is an entire chapter dedicated to creating charms from found objects.  There are also other charms through the book made from a variety of materials.

I have several examples of charms here on the blog under Acrylic Charms, Charms & Jewelry.

You can also search for images under ~ Altered Charms, Altered Charm Bracelets and Altered Charm Necklace, etc. to see loads and loads of different examples.

I will also be sharing a few techniques this next week on how to create or build your own altered charms ;)


  1. A swap sounds like fun but not sure what a charm is or how to make one. I'll look around and get back to you.

  2. would love to swap with you, count me in and tyvm. cher from att

  3. I would love to do this! I've never been part of a swap before and think that this would be fun for me and I'd be anxious to see what other people made. Anne, yourmainestamper

  4. hmmm..i'd like to know what kind of charms you mean also..not sure what to make it out'll think on it..sounds interesting ya

  5. shoot forgot to tell you i got my "jumbo glass magnet kit" i won's awesome..didn't have a chance to make any for c'mas..but will be for sure getting to them this year..thx again..loves ya

  6. I'm in, but like some of the other ladies, I'm not sure what sort of charms you mean. Are you talking about charms like for a charm bracelet? If so, do you have some examples of some handmade charms?

  7. Hi there, I'd be game to play with. Never made a charm before so as long as you give us some pictures and ideas before the time!
    Think it would make a cool gift for my wife!

  8. Oh sounds like fun, I ran a charm bracelet swap last year and had a blast so would definitely be up for this :D

  9. this sounds like fun! ever since I saw the charm swap in Cloth Paper Scissors, I've thought I'd like to do this. Thanks for organizing this, Roni

  10. I agree with others, how do we make the charms? Altered metal? Grungeboard?

  11. I took part in your napkin swap, and it was fun to receive those. I'm game for the charms too, plus I make my own jewellery, so this should be fun! Judith xx

  12. Thanks for the follow-up Ronnie, I'd definitely love to participate.

  13. I'm sorry, I spelled your name wrong! Shameful.

  14. I have never done a swap before, but his is one that I would love to do. Now to start the ideas rolling!!

  15. I have never done a swap before, but his is one that I would love to do. Now to start the ideas rolling!!


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