Friday, January 28, 2011

More Fun with Vintage Crepe Paper Garland

I wanted to add to my post from Wednesday on how to make your own Vintage Gathered Crepe Paper Garland

Today I've got several examples on how you can kick this garland up a notch or two.

Hand Tinting

Of course you can use other colors of crepe paper but sometimes the modern colors are a bit too bright or vivid to achieve that vintage feel.  To counter that I like to tint it myself.  By doing so you have control over how light or bright the finished color is.

For this example I used a drop of Spun Sugar Distress Ink diluted in a Mini Mister.  You can see that the crepe paper also picked up a bit of Vintage Photo ink that was on my non-stick craft mat.  I was a bit upset when I first noticed it but after looking at it for a bit I decided that it really added to the vintage feel so now I like it.  

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 021

Tinted Edges

If you want just a bit of color I like to squirt a bit of Color Wash (or other inks) on my craft mat; add a squirt of water to dilute it a bit then dip only the edges of the garland into the ink.  The inks wick up the crepe paper at varying rates so it makes for an awesome finished look.

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 012

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 022

German Glass Glitter Garland all know how much I love sparkle and glitter and it is a perfect accent to this garland!  Now you could use Stickles Glitter Glue but you'd have to be dedicated to add a tiny line of it to the length of the garland...I for one am not...I like to find easy ways to make things look great.  So I simply dip the edges in a white glue then dip it into the Glass Glitter.  Once it's dry you're set to go :) 

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 009

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 011

I think it really looks spectacular when it's finished!

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 018

Stamped Crepe Paper

A great way to transform plain garland into perfection is to stamp it to match your project.  It is very easy to do so, simply stamp your desired image(s) repeatedly before you sew.  You end up with a way cool look that is unique each and every time!

I used two of my favorite stamps...script & leafy vine (both from JFF Stamps) paired with Archival Inks (in case I want to tint it later).

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 013

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 019

Center Stitched Crepe Paper Garland

And finally I wanted to show you a bit of garland that I stitched down the center. 

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 014

You could use it folded over for a nice double ruffle look....

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 015

or you could use it flat with a piece of ribbon covering the stitch line....

Gathered Crepe Paper Garland 016

No matter how you choose to use this garland I guarantee it will add an extra layer of goodness to your finished project!

NOW, would you like to win a bit of this garland goodness yourself?

Simply leave a comment telling us how/where you would use this garland and you'll be entered to win a variety of Gathered Crepe Paper Garland for your very own! 

You have until 2-6-11 to post to be entered to win.

Good Luck Friends!!!


  1. I was just going to use mine to make accordion-fold-type flowers. But now I'll be using it for 'frames' on cards. I loved your vintage valentine cards! ;-)

  2. I'd use some on the back of a rosette.

  3. Oooh, that stamped crepe paper is pure awesomeness!! It would be super on layouts as a border, as rosettes, to frame a photo or stamped image, to decorate a gift bag...and on and on!

  4. love the stamped crepe why didn´t i think of that - LOL - i would use it in a mini book i am working on right now!

  5. Roni -

    I have been following your blog for almost two years now and you never cease to amaze me with the things you do! Your mind must be in art overdrive - LOL! I love all the different things you've done with the garland. Everything looks like so much fun.
    As to what I'd do with it, well, I'm working on a paperdoll for my girlfriend and I see layers of the doubled over crepe garland with glitter as her skirt. I also see the garland as flowers with maybe some bling or more glitter in the center.
    Thank you so much for sharing these techniques with us. Have a great weekend.

    Elaine Allen

  6. Oh what could I use this garland for? I have ATC' that would be smashing I could embellish some of the chipboard hearts I have, and a few dolls too.

  7. Wow, I could totally see this on a couple of layouts and cards!

  8. Thanks for the great inspiration. I could use it on Valentines and on rosettes and doubled ruffled boarders would look great now that you showed them to me ;- ) Thanks for sharing.

  9. Well, I love your plaque gift from an earlier post, and the rosettes I keep seeing, and I have some boxes waiting to be altered, and...:)! TFS. The altered colors are so soft and ethereal. Paula

  10. The glass glitter garland would be great to use on the snowmen I'm working on! I'm using glass jars for the bodies, and a soft snowball ornament for the head. The eyes and mouth will be made with black mini brads. Any of the garlands would work to embellish the snowmen.

  11. I will be finishing radiation treatments the last day in February. I think that calls for a March 1st celebration, and what could be better for decoration than some crepe paper garland!!! Anne, yourmainestamper

  12. I absolutely love the stamped crepe paper! Also the pink/spots of brown! Both of these would work wonders in my heritage ablums I'm making of my parents. The others would look so greta on cards and other layouts. Thanks so much for all of these great ideas!!

  13. I would use the garland for my spring and Easter cards just like you use lace.

  14. I would definately use it to make some gorgeous flowers!!!

  15. I like how you used it on the card. I think I would use it on the bottom of tags for that extra touch. I just love love love the stamping done on the crepe paper. I could see making flowers... I am sure there are other ways I will have to think about it. Thank you for sharing this idea. Love your valentines.

  16. I have some old photos that I think the vintage crepe paper would be the perfect accent for. What great frames these would make.

  17. I think I would write out all of the terrific ideas from all who commented, put them in a pretty box...and draw one out. So many great ideas. I'm not kidding about this!

  18. Such great ideas. Just love them.
    I'd use the crepe paper to make a sweet garland for my daughter-in-law who's expecting our first grandchild:) A girl!!!! Thanks for the chance.

    d kaste at wi dot rr dot com

  19. Wow, all of your variations are fantastic. I am off to the dollar store to score some crepe paper -- I have got to try the stamped and dipped methods! Thanks again, Roni -- you are my "go-to" when I need a creative poke!

  20. There are so many possibilities! I make art dolls, so that would definitely be one place, and on Valentine cards would be another. I love crepe paper! When I was in kindergarten, I was a flower girl in a "Tom Thumb" wedding and my dress was made of pink crepe paper ruffles sewed onto muslin. My mom made it!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!