Sunday, January 30, 2011

Altered Charm Swap - Sign-Ups OPEN!!

Well, looks like there is lots of interest in having an altered charm swap so I am officially opening the swap for all interested players.


Each person will make 5 charms (either the same or very similar) and get 4 different charms back.  You would not get your own back so be sure to make an extra to keep for yourself.  I would keep the extra charm but in exchange for that charm I would in turn send you a 5 loop silver charm pin (pictured below) for you to hang your new charms from.

I have the silver version ~ 3" long with 5 loops.

The charms can be created from anything you can dream up... there are tons of ideas on the web (search images under things like altered charms, altered charm bracelets, altered charm necklaces, Tim Holtz style necklace, charm swap; etc.)   

There are also lots of ideas here on the blog under: Acrylic Charms; Charms; Jewelry.

If you have a copy of my book ~ Teach Yourself Visually Collage & Altered Arts there is an entire chapter dedicated to creating your own charms.

*You could create your charm from acrylic pieces, glass, metal, clay, found objects, etc. You could embellish bought metal charms (please don't send a plain metal charm) with beads, chain, or other items.  There are many pendant blanks, bezels, etc.  that can be altered (insert photo/words, etc & fill with Glossy Accents or the like); you could fill little bottles with sand/beads and other goodies ~ sealed & findings added. And so much more...let your imagination run wild!

*Each charm should have a jump ring or lobster clasp so all you have to do is attach it to the charm pin when you get them back.

*You can make up to 3 sets of charms (1 set = 5 of the same charm).  I will give you a pin for each set you send.  :)


*I would like it if each person would identify their charms either by placing it in a baggie with their name and e-mail addy or mounting it on a small card or tag with the same info.  It's always nice to be able to thank people personally when you receive a piece of their art work.


NOTE: I am in the United States but welcome anyone to play along.

*Please package your charms securely so they arrive in good condition. 

*Include a self addressed envelope for the return trip.

*Send $3.00 (US) or $6.00 (International) for the return postage - PLEASE do NOT include pre-metered postage.  My local post office will not accept these.  They will refuse them!  If you would like to pay-pal me the money that would work as well.


New DUE DATE - March 4th, 2011!!!!

Due to bad weather I am extending the deadline a week to ensure enough time for any postal delays which may occur to the recent and continuing bad weather here in the US.
DUE DATE:   February 25th 2011

This is when your package must be in my hands.  I want to swap them out that weekend and have them back in the mail the following Monday so you can start enjoying them!  :)

Sign Ups: 

Please include your e-mail addy (spaces added) so I can send you my mailing address. 

NOTE: I will be sending details along with my mailing address as soon as I have your e-mail addy.  Please let me know if you don't receive them and I will re-send.  Thanks!

Red = Rec'd 

  1. Mindy
  2. 2Ksmommy (Brandy)
  3. Ginger
  4. Sandy
  5. Cher
  6. Amy
  7. Neil
  8. Judith S
  9. Anne Thompson
  10. Kristy Tyra
  11. Jennifer Phillips
  12. Gail
  13. Diane
  14. Deb
  15. Kim
  16. Lissa
  17. Judith N.
  18. Jan Wills
  19. Paula
  20. Elaine P.
  21. Michensey
  22. Julie O
  23. Sparkly Fairy
  24. Carolyn
  25. Connie
  26. Erika


  1. I'm signing up.

  2. Sign me up!

  3. I'm in!


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  5. oooOooo I want to play! Sign me up!

  6. count me in please...didnt find where to sign up when I clicked the pic. Cher from ATT

  7. I'd like to sign up, but I'm reluctant to commit if you are overseas on account of postage costs. I will read the post more carefully for an addy, but are you in the US?

  8. Sign me up, please!

    iamvictorias at gmail dot com

  9. Sign me up too please!

  10. Hi Roni, I'd like to sign up please! Judith xx

  11. Im hoping I might join this one if I have the time! Ive just purchased your book, it looks fabulous!

  12. Sign me up, please! Anne, yourmainestamper

  13. Oops...forgot to send my e-mail address to sign up for the charm swap. Anne, yourmainestamper

  14. Yeah! Sign me up!

  15. Please sign me up :)

    Jen Phillips


  16. i'll play..sign me up!!!..sounds fun..i'm in Canada..

    loves ya

  17. oops wrong addy

    loves ya

  18. Sign me up Please.

  19. I would like to give it a whirl!

  20. I wanna play... It'll be my first swap, oh what fun it will be!


  21. Best get my skates on then being in the UK, If i have time today or tomorrow to make the charms i'll be back to sign up asap :)

  22. Just found this blog, love it! Please sign me up for the charm swap!

  23. I would like to sign up. What a great idea.
    Jan Wills

  24. Opps forgot to give you my Email addy I got so excited I made my charms yesterday so they are ready to send!
    Jan Wills

  25. I would like to participate in the swap also, please. Thanks! Paula

  26. I would love to particpatge as well, I love making charms. Please add me.

  27. Please sign me up! I am so excited for this!

  28. I would like to sign up! juliejobrien AT gmail DOT com.

  29. I'd like to join please
    Im in the UK

  30. Are you still taking sign ups? If so, let me know! Thanks!! =o)

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  32. I am surely gonna sign up.

    Sheena Goldberg


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