Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts and Ornaments - Family Recipe Box

Today I've got a really fun project that is great for anyone in your family...a Family Recipe Box.  Why a "family" recipe box you ask...  because you can ask all of your family (and/or friends) to contribute one or more of their favorite recipes to be added to the collection.  You can compile the various recipes and make a copy for everyone!  This would also work in a book form and probably be much more practical if you were making one for multiple people.  But.... I like to alter things so that's why I made the box ;)

Another thing I LOVE about this project besides something to alter is it's a great way to "upcycle" those old worn out recipe boxes found at second hand stores or garage sales!  It is so much fun to take something old & unloved and give it new life. 

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Rec. Box 001


QKD Get Inked May 2010 stamp set
Distress Ink – Wild Honey – Ranger Industries
Adirondack Pigment Pen – Currant – Ranger Industries
Ink Blending Tool & Foam – Ranger Industries
Adirondack Acrylic Dabber – Snow Cap – Ranger Industries
Archival Ink or Staz-On Ink
Decoupage Glue (Mod-Podge, Collage Pauge, etc.)
Foam Brush
Tissue Paper
Paper Flowers - Prima
Recipe Box (new or up-cycled)
Tag Paper Punch
Nesties Label Die Cut
Recipe Cards (or cardstock to cut your own)


Altered Recipe Box

1. Sand the top and sides of the recipe box.
2. Paint the top and sides of the recipe box with white paint. It doesn’t have to be perfect as it will be covered in later steps.
3. Randomly stamp the vintage baking images with a permanent waterproof ink such as Archival Ink or Staz-On Ink.
4. Rub various areas of the box top and sides with the Wild Honey Distress Ink. In the remaining areas add a bit of color with the Currant Pigment Pen.

5. Apply the decoupage medium to one side of the box and gently lay the stamped tissue paper over the glue. Dab the paper into the glue with the foam brush. NOTE: Be sure not to rub or brush too hard as the tissue paper will tear easily. You will notice the tissue paper has absorbed the Distress and Pigment Pen Inks.

6. Continue to add decoupage medium and tissue paper until the entire box has been covered. Fix any tears by adding a second layer of glue and tissue paper. Set aside to dry.

7. On white cardstock stamp the Mixing Bowl, Cook & Secret Ingredient sentiment images using the combined inking technique explained in the “Secret Ingredient” card instructions.

8. Die cut the Bowl image and mount on brown cardstock. Trim the Cook & sentiment and again mount on brown cardstock.

9. Affix the Bowl image to the lid of the recipe box and the Cook/Sentiment image to the front of the box. Let dry.

10. Add color to the paper flowers by applying the Wild Honey Distress Ink to light colored flowers using the Ink Blending Tool & Foam.

11. Add color to the darker paper flowers ~ scribble the Currant Pigment Pen on your craft mat. Place the flower face down in the ink and gently rub it around in the ink. Light pressure will allow the ink to touch only the embossed areas of the flower, heavy pressure will add more ink to color the entire flower.
12. Add brad centers to the inked flowers and glue on the box.

Dividers & Recipe Cards

1. Purchase or cut blank recipe cards. If you are making your own cards and dividers, cut them to 3x5”.

2. Stamp the images in various combinations as shown with Wild Honey Distress Ink.
3. Stamp the Mixing Bowl image on 10 blank recipe cards. Punch 10 tags from brown cardstock. Glue the tags in step sequence on the first 5 cards. Repeat with the remaining 5 cards.
4. Ink the edges of the dividers and recipe cards with Wild Honey Distress Ink and the Ink Blending Tool.

Now it's time to fill your box with the recipes gathered from your family and/or friends!

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Rec. Box 004

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Rec. Box 002

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Rec. Box 003

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Rec. Box 005

Would you like to win this recipe box to fill with your families favorite recipes?

If you would, tell me what your favorite recipe is...just the name, you can share the entire recipe if you like but it's not nec. to be entered to win. 

You have until 12-21-10 to be entered to win!

My favorite recipe is for Rice's not a sweet desert like it sounds but it's a savory meat type pie...the "crust" is a meatloaf type shell filled with rice, tomato sauce and spices.  Bake it and top it with cheese near the end. 
Mmmmmmmm it's DELISH!!!!


  1. This is the perfect project for me because I have a really, really ugly recipe box that I hate! I never even thought to paint it and stamp and ink to change the look.
    My favorite recipe is a chicken with penne pasta and alfredo sauce with sun dried tomatoes that I recently made. Yum!

  2. Roni -

    What an awesome idea!! I love how this turned out. Favorite recipe, now that is hard. But because its nearing Christmas, I'll pick my Mom's bread pudding. My Mom passed away 10 years ago in her early 60's and I am the only one of 6 siblings who has her bread pudding recipe. So guess who gets asked to make it for family holidays? Yup, me. But it is an awesome recipe, coconut cream, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, spices, bread, what's NOT to like! But by no means is this a "light" recipe - LOL! But since I only make it a few times a year, what the heck!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Our favorite recipe is Tuna Melts. We make it with the tuna we buy off the docks in Oregon and bring it home to "can" in jars with a pressure cooker. Once you have tuna this way you will never want tuna from a store bought can.

  4. Mother/Daughter think alike. My favorite is Rice Pie too


  5. Ugh...only one favorite...I love food and cooking wayyy too much for just one...but I do have lemon lust pie on my mind so that will be my favorite of the delcious with its buttery walnut crust. ...yummooo

  6. I love the look of this recipe box. Much better than mine..oh yeah, I don't have one!! Just a bunch of recipes tossed in my drawer.

    My favorite recipe is my ciappino! It's a tomato based seafood stew! Lots of crab, shrimp, clams, muscles (all in the shell, fresh halibut (or snapper) with onions, peppers, etc. Sop it up with a crusty bread...YUMMY!

    I have to agree with Terry D. (another Oregonian) that home canned Tuna is no match to that canned stuff!! YUK!

  7. Thanks for this fun project! My favorite recipe is my Mom's sweet and sour chicken; she added a bit of plum jam into the sauce. Delicious!

  8. What an adorable project. I think my favorite recipe is a new one I tried recently called a pumpkin cake roll. It is going to be something that I want to make for Thanksgiving each year!!

  9. I love this box! absolutely love the colors you used on it too! My favorite recipe, right now, is for shrimp etoufee! I just learned how to cook it, so its been done frequently lately. I'm sure my family is tired of it, lol

  10. Howdy,
    your recipe box is really neat!

    My favorite recipe is 'Granny White's Famous Crunch Cake'!

    It's a moist gingerbread cake with a crunchu coconut + rum + caramel icing.

    It is notoriously addictive.

    Granny WHite used to bake this scrumptious cake for every Christmas and Thanksgiving family dinner. After she passed away, I inherited her recipe - and now my hubby makes it. He's the family chef!

    Hope I win!


  11. Your recipe box is beautiful. Most recipe boxes are ugly and by changing it this way, it can match our decor.

    My favorite recipe is my recipe for Chicken Marsala which I got from Cooks website. I have tried lots of different recipes in restaurants and this one is by far my favorite.

  12. This is agreat project. I don't even have a recipe box=just pieces of paper thrown in my cookbook. Pathetic! My favorite recipe is for apple pie. Just love that stuff!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!