Saturday, March 28, 2009

UTEE Cracked Glass Technique by Roni Johnson

Well, here it is friends! My very first YouTube video!! (eek ~ I'm so nervous!!!)

Hope you enjoy it :)


  1. Cool technique! Little hard to see the cracking effect in the video but went back to some previous posts and saw some better photos there. Thanks for sharing this with us. It's neat!

  2. Thanks for sharing and all I have to do now is find the perfect image and get
    It looks so easy and a lots of fun.

  3. Great film debut! You did awesome!

  4. Great job! I love how you have positioned the camera. It looks like we are in you head! I also thought it was going to take a lot longer than that. thanks!

  5. Oh my dear, dear friend! I am sooooo proud of you and soooo ashamed to have not kept up with all your wondrous adventures!! The YouTube video is AWESOME! I'm definitely a visual learner so this helps so much! Now Sarah wanted to know if those pictures are your family members or just old some you picked up somewhere. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

  6. You did a splendid job!! Thanks for the helped bring it all together.

  7. Great video Roni! What kind of camera are you using?

  8. Hi Roni, thanks for sharing this technique, cool!

  9. This is FANTASTIC! It is so well done - perfectly clear and I can hear you well even over the heat gun. Wonderful!

    My only suggestion is super small b/c everything is so well done. (And for your first time, too - yer a pro!) At the beginning, maybe explain what UTEE is and who makes it / where to get it to help people who get to your video via YouTube, not your blog?

    Well done! More, more, more! I'm greedy, I know, but I love to watch videos and seeing it really does take a technique to a whole 'nother level. It's a really great tool.

    Last - one thing about the technique: I have the old Marvy heat gun which blows everything on my desk to kingdom come. So every single time I've worked with layers of UTEE, I do get the little granules all over. Sometimes it seems I get more on my desk and in my hair (and on my cat) more than on my project. But I will for sure try your technique of heating only a small area and adding the UTEE continuously. Just saying that what would help the most is getting a better heat gun like the Ranger one you have.

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone ~ it does help to know what I should add to the next one :)

    LOL No worries Phinny, I've got more planned now that I figured out how I can position my camera :)

    Molly - The images are all Tuscan Rose Collage Images. I don't have many cool vintage family pics of my own but I'm glad you liked it all the same.

    Kat - I'm glad you were surprised at the time. Sometimes when you explain something it sounds so much more involved and time consuming than it really is which is why I felt I needed to show you in real time. Sort of makes things less intimidating :)

    Robin - It's a Cannon Digital Rebel. LOVE my camera :)

    Phinny - You can compensate for the heat gun by holding the gun higher off the ep's when you begin. Between that and the melting first it should help loads.


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