Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks & a question for you

I wanted to thank everyone who has posted or e-mailed me about my choice about not accepting the Craft Critique position. It's good to know you all agree with my decision :)

I had a question ~ when I post replies to questions in the comments section are you notified when I do so or do you only get to read them if you go back in and check? I've been wondering about that because I'm never sure if I should put my answers in the comments or just post them so you're sure to see them.

Off to write up the UTEE piece!


  1. Hi Roni! If I ask a question I come back to the comments section because I know you are great at answering it in your comments section! I really do appreciate that!! Love your info on UTEE!

  2. I definately agreed with your decision! I'd really, really miss my Roni fix for the day ;) When you reply in the comments section, we aren't notified but it's not a big deal to go back and re-read for any replies.

  3. I, too, go back and read the comments so it's ok by me if you post there. I love that you are able to be more interactive now that *some* of the intense pressure is off. I appreciate it when you do go back and respond to our comments. Either way is fine by me! (((( hugs ))))

  4. Hi Roni! Well I am glad u feel good about your decision too! It is the best decision if I were to get a vote! Ty for showing me more on utee...I just borrowed my sis's melting pot today and will play very soon! Do u think any ink will work? Like SU reinkers? And yes I do have to come back to comments to get your reply but it's cool...otherwise I'd be blog hopping and never winning anything still lolol..but your blog is well worth the trip! If u ever need me to write some review or recommendation for you I would do it in a heartbeat! You are such a wealth of knowledge for me and I appreciate you sooooooooooo much! ty ty ty Cher


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!