Friday, March 20, 2009



I hope you had a great first day of Spring :) It was beautiful in long as you were inside looking out. Bright and sunny but man oh man that wind was COLD!!!

What started out as a dismal, stressful day ended up pretty darn good. My dad and I headed to Kendallville to their library book sale. We scored LOADS of great books (42) for $26.50!!! Can't beat that. We're going to use them for a variety of things. Dad is going to cut some more shape books, I'm going to use a few of them to make altered books with drawers and the rest are going to be torn apart for ephemera packs I'm putting together.

If that wasn't good enough, Eric and I went to a new consignment/thrift shop also in Kendallville and found 4 dictionaries, 6 - 40/50's era school books and a set of encyclopedias all for 20.00!! I was talking to the owner about books and he told me he was going to have way more ava. as soon as he got them organized. We talked a bit more and he asked if I'd like a part time job helping him to organize them for him!! I jumped at the chance ~ he's got TONS of book and I will be working for store credit ;) Woo Hoo!!! Not as good as cash but almost. I get to organize them and you all know how much I love to organize things. Anyway, it was a rockin finish to the day!

I know I said today was going to be a card sketch but I just couldn't figure out how to make it into a sketch so I'll just share the card. I have to tell you this card came to mind because I had several partial sheets of cardstock that had been cut-offs to make a 9x9 project. Very long and very skinny ~ just had to do SOMETHING with them so here goes....

Spring has sprung!

The front is a piece of MatteKote Cardstock from JudiKins that was stamped with Perfect Medium and dusted with several colors of perfect pearls. "Spring" was stamped using Archival Ink and embellished with White Pigment Ink Pen and Stickles Glitter Glue.


You open the right side to reveal....


then you open the left side.....

The flowers are Wildflower Stamps, stamped using Distress Inks and Distress Stickles. The butterflies are Fontwerks stamps, Distress Ink and regular Stickles.


Close-up of the Distress Stickles - mmmmm don't they look like colored sugar :)


So there you go...

it's a great way to use up those cardstock strips you may have lying around!

Now, I can't let spring go without having a give-a-way so tell me what your favorite thing about spring is and you'll be entered to win the "SPRING" word stamp shown on the front of the card ...( well actually you get a new one - not the one I used) and some hand dyed/distressed tags in an assortment of spring colors!

You have until 3-31 to post!

Good Luck and Happy Spring!!

btw, my favorite thing about Spring...well, actually I have two - the first is grass, green leaves, the little green sprouts of the daffodils & crocus. After soooo many long months of yucky brown grass, bare trees and snow it's nice to finally see some color around here.

The second thing I love about spring is the birds are a matter of fact the last couple days I have had the pleasure of being serenaded by the robins which have recently returned! It's a wonderful sound after months of cold dark silence!


  1. Great card...and is that butterfly stamped on cardstock and cut out so it extends past the edge, or on a transparency? It's hard to tell, but looks wonderful either way.
    We've been having nice sunny weather for 2 weeks now but my favorite part of spring is getting to walk barefooted again!

  2. Great card. I love cards that are more than cards, like little mini books.
    My fave thing about spring is MY BIRTHDAY! No, sorry I wsn't supposed to say that, how about new life? All the lilltle babbies.
    Take care, rachelx

  3. I,too, am curious about the butterfly - did you have to do something so the stickled part wouldn't grind when it was folded up?

    I love the progression of the color green here. At first it will be a very light yellow and it will darken slowly to the dark green of mature leaves by the end of June.

  4. Great card and Im glad to be back. Had tons of family stuff happening and I have about a month to catch up on.
    My fave thing about spring is watching my flowers peek out of the grow. I try to remember what it was last year but am sometimes surprised. We have had teases of spring weather for a few weeks but it has been COLD the last few days!

  5. Wow the best thing about spring? rebirth. bulbs, grass, wisteria, forsythia, baby chicks, and warm weather. That about covers it nicely...

  6. Lovely cards! My favourite thing about spring is light. I live in Finland and after dark, dark winter it is amazing to have so much light/sun. It is the best!

    tvici @ luukku . com (remove the spaces)

  7. My favorite thing about spring is how the bulbs all take turns blooming. Every year at about this time I start my "weeding" which is basically taking it's winter cover off and making it habitable again. Each work day seems to uncover a new blossom which marks my progress and each one is a friendly companion as I toil.

  8. Oooh... everyone has such good answers about Spring. I agree and it's a fun reminder to read them. My fav, though, is the air - how it gets soft and warm, so different from the bitter chill. And it smells so good! I love taking the dogs for a walk and just breathing in deeply and having the sun on my face and the wind blow my hair. Such a relief after the long, cold winter we've had this year.

  9. My favorite things about Spring are the redbud and mountain laurel trees, bluebonnet, and longer days.

  10. My favorite thing about spring is getting outside!! With two little ones cooped up in the house for a full minnesota winter... there's nothing better! They can run around the backyard for hours.

  11. Hi..nice card! and ty for the idea on how to use up scraps! My favorite thing about spring? ez! I get to watch my bulbs pop up every day! Can't wait to get outside and play in the dirt...ty for the chance at a giveaway even tho I am unlucky! Cher
    and I do follow u!

  12. This morning I had a cup of coffee in a sheltered part of the garden. I looked at the buds of the magnolia in the sunshine and I saw the white flowers climbing out of their shelter. Then I heared a bee buzzing around. Spring has begun.
    You made a very sweet spring card.

  13. I love the card. What I love about spring are all the wildflowers in the mountains. Time to put away the snowshoes and go out and watch everything 'wake up' after a long winter.

  14. Roni, this is such a lovely card and thanks for sharing a great tip to use the remaining cardstock strips!

    What I enjoy about spring, is the flower blossoms everywhere and great cooling weather! However, in the tropical island of Singapore, we are having summer throughout the year. This is why I typically enjoy having a overseas trip during this season, not too hot nor cold, just cooling enough for me to feel totally relax!

  15. My favorite thing about Spring is the freshness of the delicate flowers and the intense colors of all the shades of green. This inspires me to do more art.

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  17. Lovely card, thanks for the inspiration. Here on California's central coast the seasons are only subtly different. Most seasons are marked only by the calendar or clock. My favorite part of spring is that the rain lets the dirt beside the roads burst into a beautiful mix of blue, white and California poppy orange for a short time before the long, dry, brown of summer.

  18. My favorite part of spring is opening the windows for the first time after a cold winter and letting in the brisk,refreshingly clean air.

  19. Lovely work as usual!!
    My favourite thing about spring is new life. Be it flowers or animals, it is so great to see all the new things developing.

  20. What a fun card. My absolute favorite thing about spring is the gorgeous flowers that appear all around me.


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