Monday, March 2, 2009 gets in the way....

well, I had hoped to start sharing more techniques and projects with you today but as the title goes ~ sometimes life gets in the way!

This past week we got our monthly water bill and it was almost double. With a little searching we discovered the toilet was the culprit. It had a slow leak because one of the gaskets was old and worn sooo... yesterday we ended up replacing the "guts" hoping it would fix the problem. This morning we woke up to water puddles on the floor :( once we got it mopped up and examined the situation a little bit closer we realized that there was even more water on the floor in the adjoining laundry room?!?! What the?!?!?

Well, we took the cover off the water heater and low and behold they were BOTH leaking...actually the water heater was water logged...filled to the brim. It's a wonder nobody got electrocuted or that it hadn't started a fire!

Not a great way to start the day (or week or month for that matter). So dh and I spent the day shopping for a new toilet and water heater then we came home to install them both. It took a while...a LONG while but we now officially have a brand new super duper flusher and water heater!

Of course by the time we finished it was almost 6:30p.m. (we've been going at this since 8:00a.m.), I had to clean up the mess in both rooms and still make supper so ~ no play time for me and nothing to share today.

Tomorrow is another day though so be on the look out for something fun then. I think I will start with the bamboo tiles people have been asking about. I've had lots of fun messing with them and I think you'll enjoy them as well!

Till then friends...happy flushing ;) I mean inking - LOL!!!


  1. sorry for your troubles...we had to replace our waterline in -30 weather in november. i know it can be a real pain when things go wrong. take care and happy flushing. lol

  2. Ouch! It is a sinking feeling when you walk into a room and instead of "thump-thump" of sock-feet you hear "slush-slosh" of water on the floor (our culprit was the dishwasher).

    Good thing you were home at the time; imagine the catastrophe had you been away for a week or something!

    And something funny I've noticed - things tend to break in patches. Since November we have had our washing machine (~15 years), my gaming mouse (4 years), coffee maker (only 2 years!), my bf's recliner chair (~15 years) and his windows-HD (2 years) die on us. Safe to say he is already planning to buy us a new car while the old one is still functional and will actually be worth something in exchange...

    Hope your things-that-have-come-to-end-of-their-life-cycle doesn't go further than this!

  3. Hate to hear that, but isn't that always the way...I'm not going to tell you how long we've been working on a deck and addition...we got a board on the deck yesterday and did a happy

  4. ugh!! i'm sorry to hear that. It's a good thing you guys were able to handle everything yourselves. I hope you don't discover floor damage later.

  5. *HUGS* oooooh I so know how life (ie. BIIIILLS) can get in the way! HAHAHAHA...all our utility bills were almost doubled, and that was due to our tenants downstairs letting their significant others practically live with them *sighs* That's what we get for all-inclusive renting! AAANYWHO...looking forward to seeing more of your posts! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your blog - awesome Flower Soft tutorials!

  6. Blech!....what a waste of a day shopping for toilets and water heaters! LOL! I'd much rather shop for fun stuff. On the other hand, being without a toilet or hot water isn't exactly fun either!! What a hassle that must have been but glad it's all fixed!!

  7. Oh man... sorry you had to go through that mess. I tell ya, it's not being a home owner, but a HOME MOANER! Everything breaks and there is always something that needs repair. Ugh!

    (((( hugs ))))

  8. Oh no! Been there, done that - let me give you some a water heater drain pan. They're approx. $20 and will save you some clean-up next time.


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