Friday, March 13, 2009

Leafing Flakes & Zig Glue Pen

This technique employs the use of a Zig Glue Pen from EK Success. As an adhesive in general I don't particularly care for this glue. It has been my experience that things tend to fall off after a period of time BUT when it comes to metallic leaf or flocking it's PERFECT!!! It's definitely a great choice when you're wanting to do a bit of free-hand leafing/flocking or if you want to pair it with a rubber stamp.

Leafing Flakes with Zig Glue Pen001

Leafing/Zig - Free-Hand Drawing

The first technique I like to this pen for when I'm leafing is just free-hand can be anything ~ hand writing, images, edges...whatever you like. It's very easy, just draw on the cardstock with the glue pen....

Leafing Flakes with Zig Glue Pen002

Normally the glue is clear but you can see it here because I dabbed a bit of ink onto my non-stick craft sheet to tint the glue so you knew what I drew. Let this glue dry for 30 seconds to a minute until it's tacky.

Leafing Flakes with Zig Glue Pen003

Cover the tacky glue with the leafing flakes and rub.

Leafing Flakes with Zig Glue Pen005

And enjoy!!

Leafing Flakes with Zig Glue Pen006

Leafing Flakes with Zig Glue Pen007

Leafing/Zig - Stamping

Now the second technique using the Zig Glue Pen is to pair it with a rubber stamp. I LOVE this because it really opens up the possibilities. You can use this on ANY stamp you own...clear, rubber, mounted or unmounted - it all works. Keep in mind that YOU MUST work quickly before the glue dries on the stamp.

Before you begin, gather whatever you are going to use to clean your stamp so you have it on hand for immediate use. I normally use a baby wipe or Ranger's Stamp cleaner.

Paint or draw on the stamp with the glue pen that you'd like transferred to your paper and immediately press the rubber stamp onto cardstock. Clean the stamp and set it aside.

Sprinkle the leafing flakes on the image and rub.

This is what you'll end up with!

Leafing Flakes with Zig Glue Pen008

Leafing Flakes with Zig Glue Pen009

Isn't this great?!?!?
Just think of the possibilities!!

Later this afternoon I'm going to have a few examples of the Zig/Leafing combo in action. Be sure to check back then!!


  1. Thanks for the idea of using the Zig glue on stamps -- I have one of those pens sitting in my stash and had no idea that it could be used this way.

  2. WOW! I love the leafing and stamping technique! Especially like the bird image...and the crown. I might just have to get some leafing now that you've shown us all the cool things that can be done.


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